Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Giorgio Morandi's still life


I think one of the most underrated artist of our time is Giorgio Morandi.  He's known for his still life paintings.  I think they are just beautiful.  I love the subtle colors he used and simple silhouettes; no wonder his work is often referred to as the precursor of minimalism movement in 20th century.  This particular painting, to be auctioned by Christie's, is a perfect example of his oeuvre; lyrical and sublime.  Love the way he cropped off the side of the table as well as the table legs... forcing the viewers to study the shape and color of the objects in the middle.       

Monday, February 4, 2013

Louis Vuitton Technical Blouson

I got a catalog from Louis Vuitton recently.  Of course everything looks totally delicious.  But one thing that caught my eyes the most is this technical blouson.  I like the clean line of the jacket.... typical of Louis Vuitton men's clothing line.  I particularly like the buckle around the neck area.  It just looks so unexpected and feels very unique while not looking weird.  The design doesn't look stretched but instead effortless.  I find it always difficult to not over think or over design things in general.  In this case, I'm sure there were some technical issues that needed to be worked out on this jacket... the pattern maker probably had a great time figuring out that neck buckle hoodie piece.  LOL.   

Friday, February 1, 2013

Knobless door?


How would you open a knob-less door?  Does it even exist? Well, wonder no more because American architect Karim Rashid came up with a brand new way of opening a door: Ring Door!  The door reminds me of a black hole... sucking in everything it sees!  I can see this door in a minimalist environment where owner wants everything super high tech.  Remember that MTV Scream by Michael and Janet Jackson?  This door would have been in that video had Karim designed it then.