Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Manresa Restaurant in Los Gatos

I don't venture much down to Los Gatos usually, but for a two Michelin star restaurant, any time.  There are only 2 two-Michelin star restaurants on the San Francisco peninsula.  One was Baume which I have covered before.  The other one is Manresa.  Both are really quite good.  For restaurant setting, Manresa definitely has Baume beaten hands down.  Food wise, I think Baume was slightly more consistent.  But of course this is all very subjective since both are just wonderful.  In either case, let's just say I would not mind to dine at Manresa nightly.  Everything I had was done expertly and precisely.  Presentation was on point and nothing I had cause me to think what were they thinking.  I even got my frozen pea ice cream dessert that is reminiscent of the one I had at Meadowood Restaurant that I loved so much.  All in all it was delectable meal that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who's traveling to or live around San Jose (or for that matter, SF bay area).   

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sons & Daughters Restaurant in San Francisco

Sons & Daughters restaurant is one of those restaurant in SF that's unassuming, reasonably priced (seven dishes for $98 so that's $14 per dish), and delicious.  Presentation of the food was pretty.  I thought every single dish I had was quite delicious and balanced.  The proportion of the dishes were correct so I didn't feel like to bow over and throw up at the end of the dinner from too much rich food.  Some of the ingredients were rather special.  For example, my dessert was geranium ice cream with white chocolate and alpine strawberry.  I mean I don't recall the last time I had geranium ice cream!  Check it out.  It may be one of those neighborhoody restaurant that you wish you had discovered earlier.  One Michelin star.

Friday, October 25, 2013

San Francisco Asian Art Museum's Korean Art during Joseon Dynasty

If you have not been to SF Asian Art Museum for awhile, you should really go.  They have been doing block buster exhibitions one after another.  The latest one is Korean Art from Joseon Dynasty.  Most of the stuff are loaned by National Museums from Korea and everything is fabulous!  I went to the gala dinner yesterday and had the privilege to see this exhibition first hand.  I have seen some Korean art before but it's nice to see the best stuff from national museums in Korea.  My favorite things were the seals.  I'm not sure why but all the seals are top by turtles sculptures.  My guess is turtle symbolizes long health?     

Monday, October 21, 2013

Van Cleef & Arpels Watches

While I'm not a jewelry person, I do appreciate gorgeous designs when I see them.  I have to say among thousands and thousands of watch designs out there, I probably love Van Cleef & Arpels watch design for ladies the best.  They are absolutely magical and whimsical.  I love the care and details they have for each creation.  Everything just look so meticulously put together. No wonder when Prince Rainier of Monaco decided to give Princess Grace Kelly an engagement set in 1956, he commissioned it from Van Cleef & Arpels.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Can't see Stars in NYC? Check this out!

Who says you can't see stars in NYC?  Cooper Joseph Studio made sure they change that with a light installation (picture taken by Eduard Hueber).  According to their website:

Starlight activates the space in which it sits.  Designed with a precisely uniform e-dimensional grid pattern, the geometry seemingly changes as the viewer ascends the stairs. Bursts of star pattern change your perception forming perforated veils to the classical architecture.  Each pixel is constructed from a double-sided circuit board, on which LEDs are mounted above and below.  They are held at the center of a 3-strand stainless steel wire assembly.

So next time you wish you can wish upon a star in NYC, pop on by Museum of the City of New York.  Your wish may just come true.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Missoni Headband/ Scarf Giveaway

As we get closer and closer to the holiday season, it's time to bring out the sparkles!  For this giveaway, we have a beautiful Missoni headband/ scarf.  This made in Italy 100" long beauty has metallic threads incorporated into the weave to give you that extra shine every girl deserves to have!  Wear it as a headband or as a scarf, this Missoni piece will certainly give you an extra oomph to any outfit you put on.   

Please note: apologies to my international friends - I wish I could extend these giveaways to you but legal restrictions prevent it. Thanks for understanding.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Michael Taylor and the Alchemy of Design: The Diana Dollar Knowles Collection

Probably the most famous Californian interior designer ever lived, Michael Taylor exemplified what California living is all about.  He is mostly known for white over-sized furniture that your parents had that perhaps you hated.  Love him or despise him, he definitely had a look to his design which was extremely influential even to today. 

On October 22, 2013, Christie's auction house will auction off Diana Dollar Knowles collection.  This collection was put together by Michael Taylor for Mrs Knowles who is a San Franciscan socialite of the bygone era.    She is known to be a generous supporter of Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, San Francisco Ballet, and San Francisco Opera. 
Mrs. Knowles was a generous supporter of the arts in San Francisco, especially the San Francisco Opera, the San Francisco Ballet and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - See more at:
Mrs. Knowles was a generous supporter of the arts in San Francisco, especially the San Francisco Opera, the San Francisco Ballet and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - See more at:
Mrs. Knowles was a generous supporter of the arts in San Francisco, especially the San Francisco Opera, the San Francisco Ballet and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - See more at:√
Mrs. Knowles was a generous supporter of the arts in San Francisco, especially the San Francisco Opera, the San Francisco Ballet and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - See more at:
Mrs. Knowles was a generous supporter of the arts in San Francisco, especially the San Francisco Opera, the San Francisco Ballet and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - See more at:

Friday, October 11, 2013

Raise the pagoda lanterns

I have always been fascinated with Chinoiserie.  While some may find it demeaning, I actually think the style is delightful.  Europeans have always been curious about the Far East Asia and during 17th and 18th century, trades with China, Japan, and India blossomed.  Lacquer techniques, ceramic, and anything mildly Asian shape is wholeheartedly celebrated in Europe.  Obviously with internet connecting the whole world in 21st century, Far East Asia no longer mystify anyone who has access to google.  But I still find lanterns like these, an imitation to past relic, charming.  I think with the right light bulbs, they may be a perfect pair for a powder room or a long hallway.    

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Skies and Beyond box by Bottega Veneta Home

If you are in the market for exquisite boxes, then look no further and head straight to Bottega Veneta's website.  They are collaborating with Nancy Lorenz, who's known for her abstract paintings, to produce great object d'art.  This particular box is made of moon gold leaf, silver leaf, resin, suede, and brown mother of pearl on wooden panel.  If an decorative object can be call delicious, well this is it. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

How do you make a soft and flowy building?

Just ask architect Zaha Hadid!  She gives a masterclass to architectural students on how to take a Mobius strip/ Klein bottle shape and turn it into a real functional building.  Once again, her architecture is beyond inspiring.  Heydar Aliyev cultural center looks like a gentle waterfall from the sky.  The ceiling structure seems like a handkerchief dripping down on some kind of ridgid structure and enveloping it in the process.  A building manages to look soft while it's inherent quality is rigid.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Review of Saint Laurent Paris Menswear Fall/ Winter 2013

How gorge is the SLP men's fall/winter 2013 collection?  It's so yummy I can't stand it!!!  LOL.  IMO these are the must haves from this collection:

1. Black and red striped mohair Krueger scarf.  It's all about the long scarves this season.  It's a must have accessory for any look you want to put on.

2. Zipped nappa biker trousers.  OMG.  These leather pants are just ahhhmazing!!!  Love love love the knee zippers.  If you can afford them, get them!!  If not, I think a pair of skinny black jeans would do.

3. Zip off leather hood sweatshirt.  Yes please!  Someone sign me up for one!  When was the last time you saw a hood sweatshirt this delectable?  

4. Black biker jacket.  When did biker jacket went out of style?  Like never.  Ger yourself one that you love.  It doesn't have to be SLP (although it never hurt to have one) but buy the one you love and you are set for life!   

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A pair of "Pan" table lamps by Marc Lalique

This is one of my favorite piece by Marc Lalique; Pan table lamp.  Marc is the son of Rene Lalique, the founder of Lalique Crystal.  Interestingly, during Rene's lifetime, technically he did not produce crystal.  Under the French law, he produced demi cristal.  It was not until he passed away and Marc took over the company that Lalique factory doubled the amount of lead oxide to 24% which qualified it to be called cristal.  Higher lead content means Lalique crystal is brighter, clearer, and heavier when compare to its own production pre-1945.  This also help Rene Lalique collectors to differentiate pre-1945 and post- 1945 pieces as many of Rene Lalique's designed were continued to be produced long after he died in 1945.  More information about Rene Lalique can be found on my previous post.