Friday, April 26, 2013

S.M.S. Marcel Duchamp, Roy Lichtenstein, Man Ray, Christo, Richard Hamilton, Claes Oldenberg, John Cage, Terry Riley, and Yoko Ono.

What's S.M.S. you ask?  It stands for Shit Must Stop!  According to Thomas Hill of Vassar College "At the height of the global political and social upheavals of the 1960’s, the American surrealist painter and art dealer William Copley published an unusual periodical entitled S.M.S., which informally stood for “Shit Must Stop.”  Inspired by Dada and the anti-commercial, merged-media ethos of the Fluxus movement, the publication consisted of a series of six 7 x 11-inch cardboard portfolios published bimonthly between February and December of 1968.  Each portfolio contained seven to fourteen multiples by different artists, and included works of widely divergent materials and techniques, from constructions and printed matter to photographs, prints, drawings, and sound recordings."

William paid every contributing artist $100 as payment regardless how famous the artist was and each piece of art work was reproduced 2000 times by The Letter Edged in Black Press. Only 100 of the 2000 copies were signed by its original artists.  Some of the contributing artists were Marcel Duchamp, Roy Lichtenstein, Man Ray, Christo, Richard Hamilton, Claes Oldenberg, John Cage, Terry Riley, and Yoko Ono.

Although decidedly utopian in concept and lasting only six issues, the publication included contri-butions from Copley’s surrealist friends and representatives from almost every art movement that was vying for public attention at that time: the Fluxus artists, pop artists, minimalist artists, colour field artists, conceptual artists and even the work of Congo the chimpanzee, whose paintings were introduced to the art world by the writer Desmond Morris and were the subject of hilarious debate concerning the validity of abstract art. As the title implied, ‘SMS’ was a reaction against the elitism of the art world in which reputations were made and destroyed by a small clique of dealers, critics and curators. It was the initiative of an artist idealistically striving to provide artists with direct access to a public audience.  

After six issues, William had to stop because the cost of reproducing these artwork was exceedingly expensive (for example to recreate Burned Bow Tie by Lil Picard, Black Press had to torn up each bow tie by hand and burn them).  Today, you can have a piece of S.M.S for as little as $42.50 from New Museum in NYC if you are a member.  For measly $300, you can have a Marcel Duchamp art piece on your wall.  Yes, THE Marcel Duchamp.  How crazy is that!?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A bit of Chanel Bling Bling

Everyone needs a little bit of bling blings sometimes.  But one may not always have the budget.  Well, Christie's auction house to the rescue.  They have put up a collection of Chanel bauble as well as Hermes Birkin bags, et. online for bidding.  So for as little as 400 pounds, you can possibly take home a vintage Chanel bling blings to brighten up your life.  BTW, who would have thought you can buy something at Christie's auction house for 400 pounds?  :-)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Soft Rock Ottoman by Ronel Jordaan

Whomever thought that soft can be used to describe a rock!  Well, if you come in contact with Ronel Jordaan's ottoman, that's exactly what you will say.  The self taught textile South African designer uses felt to simulate the look of rocks.  The effect is rather ingenious.  I think these are especially perfect for households with young kids or babies.  You don't have to worry about your kids hurting themselves with these.  

Friday, April 19, 2013

Rollerboy Spikes by Christian Louboutin

I went to dinner the other night at Meadowoods Restaurant (that's another blog post) and saw a guy wearing this pair of shoes.  It was very eye catching and cool looking.  This twenty something year old lad (maybe early thirties) was dressed very conservatively and eating dinner with his girlfriend/wife.   I thought this pair of shoes give his ensemble a lift; it went from just another dark colored suit to hey, the guy has an edge.  Men's clothes are boring when compare to lady's and I think a pair of sharp Louboutins can instantly give a guy look.  And frankly speaking, it doesn't have to be something as expensive as a Louboutin (although it doesn't hurt).  A pair of cool sneakers would do.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Puzzle Table by Simonnets

If you are looking for a futuristic table designed in 1969, then welcome to the future!  It's amazing that a design done in 1969 can still feel so now.  That's what I call a great design; all great designs are timeless.  This table to me, is timeless.  It actually reminds me of stalactites you see when you go down in a cave.   The best part of the table is that you get to combine them to create a new shape.  I love the idea that an artist allow others to redesign their art.  The table, can be purchased from Gallery 21st twenty first, is in edition of 300 and shipped from France.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Voido Rocking Chair by Ron Arad

Ron Arad, a brilliant industrial designer, can do no wrong.  This rocker is simply.... rocking.  I love the shape of the chair.  Who knew when you conjoin two ovals together, it becomes a sleek clean line chair?  He's one of the most inventive guys out there.  I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.  In the mean time, get cracking on ordering these chairs.  They come in glossy black, glossy white,  orange, light gray, and white.  The glossy finishes are not suitable for outdoors.  You can purchase them at Unica Home.  The best part is the price.... they are under a thousand each but they look like a million bucks.     

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Missoni Lantern

I'm so in love with Missoni Lanterns.  I just think they are one of the most romantic lights one can have in one's bedroom.  Staggering them with multiple sizes and patterns would be my preference!  Unfortunately due to their large size, you have to have a fairly high ceiling for them to look good although if you have a typical 8' high ceiling, the small version over dining table is fine.  One of the best thing about them is that you can take the fabric down and throw in a washing machine.  Now when is the last time you can washed your light fixture?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Dalian International Conference Center by Coop Himmelb(l)au

Just got my Architect magazine today and I was impressed by Coop Himmelb(l)au's project in Dalian, China.  On the front page of the magazine it says 'Parametrics in Manchuria" which brought back memories of the day when I was in architecture school, parametrics was all the rage.  Perhaps it still is?  It's such a time consuming process to do parametric envelope that only starchitect offices have the time to afford to do it.  Your everyday office is too busy to try to make a living. 

I do love parametric facades.  It never fails to evoke a woos and ahhs from me when done beautifully.  The Dalian International Conference Center has the facade that is just out of this world cool.  It almost look like an alien space ship has landed! Anyway, I hope it gets used regularly unlike the 'bird's nest' in Beijing....  A building is only good if it gets used.  Otherwise it is just a giant expensive sculpture IMO.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Float by Paola Lenti

There is bean bag and there is Paola Lenti Bean Bag.  While bean bag by definition is always very cushy and comfortable, but often it feels very collegiate-ish.  Like you are in a boy's dorm room or a fraternity house.  Well, dread no more.  Float by Paola Lenti changed all that.  It has a nice sleek design to it while not loosing the comfort that bean bags are known for.  In fact, take one look at this bean bag... it doesn't look like a bean bag at all!  The best part is that it's also weather proof.  You can sit it outside and lounge next to your pool.  How fabulous is that?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Miette Bakery in San Francisco

For those of you who are coming to visit San Francisco, you should stop by this little bakery called Miette.  There are two of them in the city.  One in the Hayes Valley (kinda like the hipster town part of SF although it's slowly being gentrified) and the other one in the Ferry Building.  What I like about the bakery is that everything is carefully curated.  You can tell the owner takes great pride in her presentation of her goods.  Her shops kinda remind me a lot of Thiebaud paintings....  very 50s Americana.  The colors she uses are general pastel and design on her goodies are never complicated.  They have a nice simplicity look to them.  If you are ever in town, I would highly recommend stopping by one of her shop as it's one of those places where San Franciscans go to for their dessert needs.  I know I certainly do.