Monday, December 29, 2014

After Christmas Sale

Dying for that new jacket or shoes for your New Year's Eve party?  Luckily for those of us waited for that After Christmas Sale, our wishes were answered.  Here's what's left for the picking!

For those of you who love Givenchy, here's a hoodie that will make Zuckerberg green with envy at the deal you got....marked down from $1545 to $464.

Can Diane Von Furstenberg ever be wrong?  Not in many people's eyes.  She picked Public School as the up and coming men's designer last year and here's a cropped leather biker jacket that will make you ultra cool should you accept the challenge.  Price dropped from $1950 to $585 will make you look smarter too!

Flexible is always better right?  You can expand this Lanvin tote bag by unzipping its sides.  Now you can buy more stuff with the newly expanded bag.... how convenient!  Marked down from $950 to $379. 

Now that Euro is at a low against US dollar, it's the best time to shop on European websites to arbitrage your shopping need.  Here's a dope Saint Laurent Paris raglan bomber jacket.  Retailed for $1745 here in US but I found one in Europe for $653.  You are welcome!

Friday, December 26, 2014

balancing a ball

This table lamp is perfect to go with that Minotti sofa that you just purchased! I just love the simplicity of the design.  This IC lights by Michael Anastassiades for Flos comes with table lamp, ceiling light, sconce, or floor version.  The design was inspired by jugglers throwing balancing balls in the air.  Now that's the type of whimsy I can live with.  A table lamp will set you back $625 which is on par with anything you will find at DWR.... not cheap but not super pricy.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holiday giveaway winner!!!

Cindy M.  C'mon down.  You are the winner of a Missoni key chain.  Please send me your mailing address and your key chain will be promptly send to you.  Congrats again and thank you everyone for entering.  Have a great holiday season and a successful healthy 2015!!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

How to take your kicks up a notch?

We all have them... old pairs of trainers sitting in our closet unloved.  You can breathe new lives into those shoes by changing out the laces!  Aglit Italy, a company based in US but source their leather laces from Spain and Italy, sells luxurious leather laces that can infuse fun into your old shoes.  At last, you may learn to love that pair of trainers collecting dust again.  Laces come in 45", 54", 72" length and many many many different colors! 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Simplicity goes a long way

Looking for something to light up your powder room?  This simple yet chic sconce, Iveala by Aerin, is perfect for the lighting need in your powder room.  I love the usage of Alabaster disk which shields harsh light that typically emits from light bulbs.  This simple circular design goes with traditional or modern style home; you really can't go wrong with it.  It's also reasonably priced: not cheap but not insanely expensive.  Comes in antique brass or polished nickel finishes.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Can toddler's room be modern as well?

Not all toddlers rooms need to be cutsie.  However, there are not many furniture out there that caters to sleek design for toddler rooms thus inevitably, toddler rooms ended up with run of the mill traditional furnishing.  B&B Italia is aiming to change that by shrinking their famous Up series chair-and-ottoman set.  UP chair now comes in junior size.  I can actually see this particular chair-and-ottoman set working in a cutsie or sleek toddler rooms because the shape is simultaneously fun and chic.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Holidays Giveaway!

Dear readers,

I want to wish you a happy holiday season!  I'm giving away a made in Italy Missoni key chain.  This key chain is made of signature Missoni zigzag pattern and shaped like a Christmas tree!  For me, there is no better way to celebrate this holiday season than a miniature Christmas tree on the go!  Raffle starts at midnight tonight!

Please note: apologies to my international friends - I wish I could extend these giveaways to you but legal restrictions prevent it. Thanks for understanding.  

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A frivolous gift that's perfect for someone who has everything

While I don't have everything I want but I sure have a lot (and very thankful for it) so I think it's never easy to buy a gift for me.  I'm sure you have people in your life who are the same.  I know personally I love crazy useless gifts that I would never buy in the first place but love to receive.  Recently I received such a gift: an Hermes tape measurer!  Yes, I'm a designer and I use measuring devices all the time but even so, an Hermes tape measurer is just soooo extravagant for me to buy for myself.  However, receiving one made my day.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

These boots are made for walking all over Jean Nouvel!

Jean Nouvel, the winner of 2008 Pritzker prize, not only does impressive architecture, but he also has his hands in designing lady's shoes.  For $650, you can have a pair of these limited edition (100) shoes designed by a Pritzker prize winner.  The shoes are futuristic looking in both color and design.  I can see someone walking on the moon with these boots!  Get it while supplies last. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Raffle Winner!!!

Congrats to Shakeia R. for winning my giveaway of Marc Jacobs key/coin purse.  Please send me your US mailing address by December 15, 2014 or I will have to repick another winner!

Other entrants don't fret, I have something brewing for Christmas!  Thanks again to everyone for entering and happy holidays!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Jeff Koons artwork on discount?

One of the most talked about artist in the world right now is Jeff Koons.  Whether he's breaking auction records or mounting exhibitions, his art is always highly sough after.  Regardless what you think of his work, it would have been tremendously profitable for you had you purchased his artwork early on.  Case and point: I wrote on this blog two years ago about his limited edition sculpture puppy.  Had I purchased the limited edition puppy vase when I wanted to back in 1998 for $1,600, I could easily sell it today at auction for about $13,000 today.  Well, MOMA is selling his limited edition Split Rocker plate for $475.  But if you purchase the plate on member appreciation day (December 11-15), you get an additional 20% off.  Now that's what I called a bargain!      

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What would I buy if I have all the money in the world during the first mark down?

The sale has finally started.  With markdowns galore, here are some interesting pieces I would buy if I have all the money in the world (although I suppose if that was the case, I would have most likely purchased them at retail three months ago... lol).

Barney's New York started with a bang with 40% off across the board more or less. 

I love this Saint Laurent Paris hoodie.  Hoodies have been done a zillion times before, but never so chic with a combination of leather and cotton!  Marked down from $1,390 to $829.

Letterman jacket has never looked cool with combination of cashmere and leather.  It still cost an arm and a leg but Thom Browne does it again.  Marked down from $2,450 to $1,469.

Bottega Veneta one upped everyone and is having a 50% off sale on its clothes. 

This dip-dye double twill wool cashmere peacoat is one interesting color.  I very rarely wear green but I like the unique take on the dip-dye part of the garment.  The color looks very cheery.  Marked down from $2,750 to $1,379.

MatchesFashion is only 30% off on the more desirable brands but with weak euro and their starting prices typically is about 10% lower than other online retailers, it comes out about the same as other 40% off.

This Valentino cashmere and silk scarf continues camouflage design from the spring season.  Since camouflage pattern is a tried and true design, I have no doubt this scarf will help one to stay stylish with many years to come.  Marked down from $445 to $311.

This jaw dropping expensive Columbian-fit basketball-zip shirt from Givenchy is absolutely brilliant and is my favorite shirt this season.  I just love the basketball zipper pattern on the shirt.  Very unique and unexpected.  It is definitely eye catching and some may say you wear it once and you can't wear it again because people will remember you wearing it.  I say so what?  A shirt as brilliant as this deserves to be worn many times over.  Marked down from $1,707 to $1,194.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Possibly the best resort I have ever stayed at

If you told me a resort that has not been totally overhauled for over 20 years, I would think maybe the owner is just too cheap to do it and I ain't going there.  Well, I'm glad I went to Amankila resort on the island of Bali, Indonesia because it looked exactly what I expect it to look (traditional Balinese) and the experience was just magical.

The check in experience was by far much much better than Amanjiwo for me.  At Amanjiwo, I had a middle aged lady who was extremely stern looking and did not smile once during the whole check in process.  On contrary, Claudia, the general manager at Amankila, came out and greeted me with profusion of smiles and was just terribly sweet and kind.  I felt at home already before even seeing my room.

The suite I stayed was called Kilasari suite.  I liked it better than Indrakila and Amankila suite because it offers the most privacy among all three suites.  The views at Indrakila and Amankila was definitely superior to Kilasari's but the privacy that was offered by Kilasari out weight the view for me.  Plus the Kilasari suite is right off the drop off point for the buggie.  Thus you only have to walk few steps down and you are there at the front gate to your suite.  Both Amankila suite and Indrakila suite are close to the main building.  However, to get to those suites, it requires going up and down several stairs.  If you are lazy like me, Kilasari suite is the way to go.  Also neither Kilasari nor Amankila suite has a gate to keep people out.  So if you decide to get a tan without tanning lines, those two suites are not the way to go.  You can hang a privacy sign outside but I don't trust it.  However, Amankila is the only suite that has two villas so if you are traveling with family, it's the only way to go if you want connecting suites.  Some of the pool suites are designed in a way that allows you to somewhat connect to the villa next door so for those of you who are on a "budget", it is doable to stay close with your love ones.  The none suite villas don't have that much outdoor privacy especially the ones not at the end of the path.  If one decided to sit in the lounge area right outside his door, a passerby can easily see you.  However, my guess is that if your villa is at the very edge of the property, then you will have some privacy.  But as you can imagine, if your villa is at the edge, you will have to trek a long way to the main building.  For active people, that's totally fine.  For me?  No thanks.  I do my workout at the gym and no more.  By the way, the layout of all the villas, including the most expensive Amankila suite, is exactly the same or extremely similar in size and finishes.  The only differences between them are location, privacy, view, and if there is a pool or not.  But the lack of outdoor privacy for regular none suite villa is not that bad since the whole resort only has 37 villas so frankly speaking, when I was there, I rarely saw anybody at any given moment.

The food at Amankila is generally good.  It's not one Michelin star good for sure but good enough that you are happy to return to their main dining room nightly.  The menu consist of local fare and western food.  I had mostly western food which was fine.  At night, Claudia, the general manager, will come to each table to say hi and chitchat.  It didn't feel like a put on; I felt she was genuinely wanting to get to know me and wanted to make sure I was well taken care of.  She's is a gem in the Amankila resort group for sure.  The owner would be stupid to ever left her go.  In fact, he should send her to Amanjiwo and teach them how to be warm and friendly.  BTW, while I was there, a frog came out nightly to greet all the guests.  Some of the kids went chasing after the frog which was funny.  Oh and there weren't too many kids while I was there and the ones there were not rowdy.  In fact, the whole resort felt kinda empty.  The only time you see a "crowd" (ie. more than 10 guests) is during dinner time at their main dining room. 

The infinite pools at Amankila are photographs million of times and over.  I guess it's the signature of the resort and I can see why.  They had a total of four public pools.  Three in the main building overlooking ocean.  One near the beach next to a restaurant (which I have never seen anyone eating in there).  The beach club is actually a trek down a narrow path from the main building.  I walked it once and rest of the time, I took resort buggie.  It's actually a good exercise to trek back up on foot if you like exercising.    

I loved the beach at Amankila.  It was extremely private.  The way Amankila property is situated on that part of the Bali, there is no way for none Amankila guests to reach that part of the beach unless they take a boat.  Thus in effect, that stretch of the beach becomes a private beach for Amankila guests.  The beach has black sand because Bali island has volcanos.  While it may not be the prettiest thing, they do feel great on one's feet.  No complaints here.  There are about 10-12 bale on the beach nestled into vegetation so you are away from glaring sun.  In front of each bale, there are two chaise lounges for you to tan plus an umbrella.  Next to each bale, there is a water jar with scented flowers floating inside.  You can scoop out water using a large wooden spoon to wash your feet before getting onto your bale.  Very thoughtful.  In addition, they provide you with free fruit juice popsicles and fruit-khababs for your enjoyment.  Ice cold scented face towels is a nice touch too.  You can have your lunch in the bale as well.  Oh and the wave is great for body board surfing.  Nice strong wave but not too huge.  On top of that, you share that beach with maybe 6, or 8 other hotel guests.  That's it.  Sometimes, there are no one there but you.  Just incredible! 

Activity menu is the differentiator between Aman resort versus luxury resorts brands like St Regis and Four Seasons.  Everyone is given a booklet of activity menu to choose from.  Few are included in the price of your room....most of the time you have to pay extra.  Trust me, it's worth to pay that extra.  The activities can range from guided trekking tour through countryside to shutting down the whole beach at night for you and your love one so you can enjoy a romantic dinner together in private.  Some of the activities felt like it came right off that ABC's show The Bachelor... extremely romantic and exclusive.  Aman went out of their way to think of fantastical activities that unless you are local, you would not be able to dream them up yourself as you don't know where to go.  Sure, you can have Four Seasons concierge to get you a private boat to the Blue Lagoon to go snorkel with your love one.... but there is no way for them to shut down a public beach for you to have a romantic dinner or take you up to one of their private bale off site in one of the hills with panoramic view to have a picnic with a staff in the far distance ready to take care of you when you ring a bell.  They just absolutely have thought of everything.  I'm so impressed.

Oh and lastly, the villa looks pristine.  At least mine did.  Furniture had no nicks on them and all the shell inlaid on furniture are intact.  The style is classic Balinese so it doesn't look dated.  They upkeep everything so well down to faucet and shower head.  I swear those things look like they were installed just a few months ago.  The only breakdown for me was there were some pesky bees flying right outside my villa.  I complained.  Management promptly sent people to spray the exterior of the villa and left a huge bouquet of flowers outside as an apology gift (also to cover up the smell of the chemical).  Very smart and thoughtful.

At the end of my stay, I did not want to leave.  I can stay there for a month...ok.  I lied.  I can retire there in that resort if money is no object.  I 100% recommend anyone to go there without reservation.




Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Presales galore!

Presales have started at several places... from Bottega Veneta to Barney's New York.  Better hit the store ASAP before everything is picked over and then some.  Sometimes sales people hold items that they think their best clients may want so don't afraid to ask if they have more sizes available in the back (as they always do)!

First up, Barney's New York.  Presale started today.  You can tell which pieces are on sale or not by looking at price tags; if there is a dot on the tag (look at the back of the tag), it's in the presale pile.  All major brands (think Balmain, Thom Browne, Givenchy, Saint Laurent Paris) are at about 40% off.  Probably the best deal so far.  You can pick up your purchases after December 2.  And no, Moncler is not on sale at this time as usual.

Bloomingdales started their pre-sale last weekend.  Also around 40% off.  Better hop to it quick.

Prada's pre-fall and fall are on sale at 40% off.  Started last weekend as well.

Saint Laurent Paris is pre-saling at 30% off.  Not as good of a markdown... but then again, it's the hottest brand right now so what can you expect.

Saks started earlier last week but selection isn't so good.  Selection meaning Lanvin, Givenchy level goods are not discounted...

Lastly, Bottega Veneta started presale as well.  But unless you are a regular at the boutique, you won't be able to access the discounted items (unless you want to pay full price) as sales people check their computers to see if you qualify for presale or not.  If you don't qualify, check back December 1 when the presale goes public (Actually I would check back November 30th because I bet the staff would be able to bend the rules then).  Leather goods 30% off and clothes/shoes at 50% off.

Happy Shopping!!  :)


Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Holidays! It's another Giveaway edition!

Well, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and to thank you for continuing reading my blog, I'm giving away a leather Marc by Marc Jacobs coin and key purse.  Outside is black on one side and taupe on the other side.  The leather is soft and zipper on top is matte gold with black leather.  Inside features a matte gold key loop attached to a leather string.  All in all, a very versatile little purse to use daily or giveaway as a Christmas/ birthday gift if you decide to part with it!

Thank you again for stopping by.

Please note: apologies to my international friends - I wish I could extend these giveaways to you but legal restrictions prevent it. Thanks for understanding.   

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You can have what Reese Witherspoon has!

Have you seen that Vogue's 73 question interview of Reese Witherspoon?  If you have, no doubt you enjoyed the fabulous tour of her home.  In case you are wondering where she got that framed Mark Ryden print in her foyer titled Silence, well wonder no more!  You can get it at MOCA's website.  If you can recall, I also wrote about Mark on my May 21 post this year.  I guess if you want something in common with the Hollywood royalty, you might want to get a Mark Ryden print or two....;) 

Monday, September 22, 2014

A limited edition art from Takashi Murakami that won't break your bank

Yoox not only brings everyone gorgeously made clothes at a very reasonable price, but they also from time to time collaborate with artists to beautify one's environment.  Case and point:  The latest Yoox art collaboration is with Takashi Murakami who needs no introduction with fashion crowds.  After all, who can forget Louis Vuitton bags with printed flowers, pandas, and jellyfish eyes?  Takashi made two exclusive prints for Yoox this time around.  Typically his print editions are 300 but in this case, it is only 100!  Usually smaller the edition, higher the price a print commands.  However, in this case, these limited edition prints are only $585 each.  A similar size Murakami prints at 300 editions usually starts from $1000 and up unframed.  These smaller editioned prints are not only cheaper than the price he typically commands, but they are also framed.  I anticipate these prints will go very fast so get them while supplies last!

Friday, September 19, 2014

How to make sure your home always smells wonderful

I have never been very into scented candles until one of my client had a bunch of them.....I have to admit whatever the scent they had burning, it smell good.  Then one day as I was strolling around Abbot Kinney in Venice (California), I came across a store smelling wonderful.  I asked the store owner what is she burning and she pointed out to me Aquiesse's French Oak Currant candle.  The candle has a deep red currant, cassis, citrus, and french oak smell; lots of sweet and citrus-y notes but not perfume-y.  I was in love so I bought my first scented candle with her.  Since then, I have experimented with other brands of scented candles.  So go and buy some candles, not only it will make your home smell good, it may also put you in a good mood!

Friday, September 12, 2014

If I can only have a set of flatware for the rest of my life, I would get this set

Whenever I entertain guests in my home, I always take into consideration which flatware set I will use.  Sometimes I use my Puiforcat ones.  Sometimes I use my vintage American 1960s Reed & Barton set.  But my favorite set is, no doubt, Town & Country from Allan Adler.  This Californian silversmith hand made all his flatware which is rarely seen in this much automation world.  I love the fact that each piece essentially is unique.  The design is classic, streamlined, and restrained. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Welcome to your indoor herb garden

For any city dwellers who likes to cook, it's always wasteful to buy a whole packet of herbs and only ended up using few sprigs.  Aerogarden from Miracle-Gro came up with a compact garden that can go into any kitchen.  Some of them are even equipped with LED lights so that you can grow your herbs indoor while not using a lot of energy.  How cool is that?  Now get your aprons on!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Perfect chandelier for your teenage girl room

A bedroom has two main focal points: one is bed, and the other is chandelier.  Recess lighting is always good to have but to have a nice chandelier hanging from ceiling, is even better.  A girly chandelier like this one from Circa Lighting is a perfect backdrop for any teenage girl's room.  Designed by Aerin Lauder, grand daughter of Estee Lauder, she is also the style and image director for the Estée Lauder Companies. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Lamp that will pop in a room

If you are look for a streamlined colorful lamp that would pop in any room, look no further than Jan Showers' Venetian lamp series No.4 in turquoise.  I love the simple silhouette which actually reminds me a lot of 18th century Peking glass that were produced in China.  The vibrant turquoise color is perfect for a Hollywood Regency style interior or a sleek modernist home.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Men's Trend for Fall 2014

I am looking forward to this fall/ winter 2014 men's collection.  I always find winter/fall clothes more interesting than spring/ summer ones... perhaps it is because of my penchant of buying jackets!  LOL.  As usual,  black, gray, and camel tones dominate runway.  But this year, a mark difference is that both coats and jackets are oversized.  So if you lost weight for this summer, you will not need to buy a jacket/ coat to keep up with the fashion.  Double breast sports coats are inching their way back into modern men's vocabulary.  I'm still resisting that trend... so far....  Skinny pants are still in.  We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.  No need to run out and get wide pants.  Chunky knits are in... so again, if you lost weight for the summer, you are in luck as long as you keep the weight off.  Check patterns are in which I absolutely love!  But of course for my Japanese readers, they probably thought check patterns have always been in for decades!  Pictures above are some of my favs from this season: Fendi trench coat, Valentino hoodie, and lanvin flannel toecap shoes.     

Monday, August 25, 2014

The last hurrah before summer ends!

Everyone knows that to make a great summer drink, you must have the right tools!  Luckily for us, Two Tone Studios have came up with some fun color cups and pitchers to enhance festivity!  Each pitcher has an optically interesting ball on the side to support your hand when pouring.  Comes in gold, olive, ruby, purple and gray jewel tones, with stir sticks.  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Looking to trick someone?

Not very often does one do a double take when looking at a piece of furniture.  But this bench certainly fits the bill!  Designed by 22 22 Edition Design, the Illusion bench definitely lives up to its namesake.  I think it is a perfect seating for one's entry area.  The color combination reminds me of lacquer work done by Art Deco French masters.  This series also come with three other color combinations. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hottest lady's accessory for Fall/ Winter 2014

Hands down, it has to be Fendi's bag boy Karlito!  Yeah, it looks like Karl Lagerfeld because it is meant to look like him.  The "small" charm will cost you a pretty penny: $1750.  Oh yeah, and get in line as waiting list (opened in June) is already 600 people deep and counting (as of July).  For those with smaller budget,    Mattel will launch limited edition Karl Lagerfeld Barbie Doll soon and my guess is price tag will be a lot friendlier....

Friday, August 15, 2014

Jewelry for your tabletop

Are you a hostess with mostess?  If you are, you might want to consider Baccarat's Variations collection next time you set your table for a fabulous dinner party!  Infused multifaceted bases with jewel tone colors, Patricia Urquiola has bedazzled us with brilliant fun hues that will surely leave your guests impressed.   

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Origami folding stool

I remember when I was younger, I loved folding origami.  So it always warms my heart whenever I see someone taking the art of origami up a notch.  Inspired from origami, Atelier Oi came up with a leather folding stool (exterior leather sandwiching a sheet of aluminum for strength) that can be packed flat.  Designer Aurel Aebi said that you can fold it and go to the third dimension in one movement.  How brilliant is that?!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Needing more zigzag in your life?

Lots of Missoni news lately.... Just about every year, Coverse Chuck Taylor and Missoni get together and produce some wonderful zigzag print shoes.  This year is no different.  Today, Nordstrom will debut designs from this collaboration with reasonable price (for Missoni) tags ranging from $85 to $100.  There are six different designs with four of them unisex.  You can either purchase them online or in stores. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Missoni for Target for down and under!

When Target collaborated with Missoni in the States, no doubt you saw on TV that their stores were wiped cleaned and then some.  Well, Target and Missoni is collaborating again but this time in Australia only.  I'm sure the lines will be just as long as the ones that were in the US few years ago.  But I bet their website will be better prepared for the rush that they will have.  So far, Target have only release few images but I'm sure when September hit, we will get to see the whole lookbook in all its glory!  Judging from the picture above, it looks like the Missoni for Target collection in Australia will be more sophisticated than the US version; the prints are more inline with what Missoni currently carry in its boutiques.

Monday, July 28, 2014

What every women needs: beauty bar!

This British girl is multi-talented.  After graduating from Glasgow School of Art's graphic design program, Anna Karlin worked a few years in UK before relocating to NYC.  She now runs her own studio doing anything from cosmetics packaging to pop up shop for H&M.  Now she debut her home collection and one of them is an expandable vanity.  Given how precious space is in big cities, I find this expandable vanity quite useful for people with tight spaces.  Find it among other gorgeous stuff on her website.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wine lover candelabra

Sometimes it's difficult to find something that's clever, aesthetically pleasing and not break the piggy bank.  Well, for those of you who loves to drink, here's a candelabra that I think we can all agree upon.  This Candloop by Sebatian Bergne is one clever way of gifting someone a personalized candelabra.  You are actually only buying the metal part on top so you can stick the metal loop into your friend's favorite bottle of wine after you both emptied it for his/her birthday party.  How clever is that? 

Monday, July 21, 2014

giveaway winner!!!!

Thank you all for entering the giveaway.  We have a winner!  The winner is Bob W!!!  Bob, please send me your US mailing address within one week and your Marc by Marc Jacobs computer sleeve will be on its way!  Thank you everyone for entering and until next time, have a wonderful summer!

Friday, July 18, 2014

It always comes down to the details

The difference between a nice interior and a fantastic interior is in the details.  It always come down to nitty-gritty things IMO.  The biggest clue for me is hardware.  If hardware is well done, then you can be sure everything else is of high quality.  One of the nicest hardware manufacturer is Nanz company.  They can customize each knob, each handle, and each pull.  The possibility is endless.  The result, of course, is timeless. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A bookcase that will definitely turn heads!

Dutch furniture designer Joris Laarman is definitely turning heads with his out of this world designs.  Reed Krakoff, New York based fashion designer, and Michael Ovitz, ex-president for Walt Disney company, are among his biggest fans.  But Joris is not only interested in making expensive pieces for high profile patrons, but he's also interested in offering one of his chairs free online.  Just go download it and print it via a 3D printer (for less than $50)!!  Now that's an agreeable price for just about everyone!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Rare Renaissance Manuscript by a female author

We all heard of William Shakespeare and Leonardo da Vinci, but how many of us heard of any names of female authors from Renaissance period? Or are women during that time even educated enough to write a manuscript?!  As anyone can imagine, majority of the population can barely read thus having a publish female author is extremely rare.  Luckily, Christie's recently found some manuscript by Catherine D'Amboise.  This is the third known prose work attributed to her.  In a world dominated by male writers during Renaissance, this manuscript is a rarity indeed. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Giveaway!

Summer time is the time to get away from it all and have some R&R.  As a digerati (or not), you have to bring your laptop right?  What better way to protect your laptop than to store it in a Marc by Marc Jacobs sleeve?  This Marc by Marc Jacobs computer sleeve is the ultimate home away from home for your laptop.  The form fitting construction is lined with faux fur to keep your baby safe, secure and oh so scratch-free.  The Marc by Marc Jacobs custom styling shows the world you know how to let loose, even when you play it safe. 

The giveaway commence tomorrow at 9AM!!!  Be sure to come back and enter!

Please note: apologies to my international friends - I wish I could extend these giveaways to you but legal restrictions prevent it. Thanks for understanding. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A multifunctional outdoor light

Who doesn't like a multifunctional furniture?  This indoor/ outdoor light called Solar, designed by Jean Marie Massaud for Foscarini, can also function like a side table for drinks.  The indoor version has a slight concave top while the outdoor version is flat to allow water to drain off easily.  The flat surface on the top acts like a reflecting surface and help diffuse lights below.  Result is a serene light source that gives indirect light to interior or exterior. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Buy Christmas art gift now?!

Is it too early to start buying Christmas gifts?  I don't think so!  LOL.  It's better to buy some now when things are marked down than to buy retail later on IMO.  For those who have modern art lover friends, here's a good solution for ya:

This red Damien Hirst t-shirt is 50% off and all the profit goes to Global fund (recipient of RED funds) that finances programs to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Africa.  Buying a t-shirt never felt so good or fashionable! 

No doubt you know Jeff Koons is having a retrospective at Whitney Museum in NYC.  Here's a t-shirt that will go very well with that exhibition!  Again, all the profit from the t-shirt goes to Global fund (recipient of RED funds) that finances programs to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Africa.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Last Picks of men's SS14 sale

I have to say this year's sale had been picked over and then some and we are not even at the final stretch.  Most of the more desirable pieces flew out the door when they were marked down 30-40% off.  Mr. Porter, the online purveyor of men's luxury fashion, close out their SS14 sale few days ago with some of the items only marked down 40% when it typically reduce everything 70-80% off in seasons past!  I guess with the Fed printing cheap money, one does not need to wait for Last Calls!  With that said, there are still few pieces left in various sales I can recommend:

If you are dying to dress like Justin Timberlake in Love Never Felt So Good video, you are in luck as this Balmain biker jacket had been sold out everywhere.... but of course I find one that is still available at Raffaello Network.  You are welcome!

At almost 50% off, this Bottega Veneta woven leather sneaker is a classic.  BV makes these yearly which makes this buy a good one as it never goes out of style and color black goes with everything!  Get yours at Neiman Marcus.

Remember Rhianna wore a Givenchy Rottweiler t-shirt that practically put Givenchy back on fashion map?  Well, rottweiler is back!  This rottweiler-patch cuban (aka polo) shirt is on sale at Bergdorf with all sizes (S,M,L) available.  It's only 30% off but many outlets are actually carrying this polo shirt over to the FW14 collection so at least this one is on sale.

Looking for eye-popping socks?  This pair from Missoni will deliver.  They are 50% off at MatchesFashion and shipping is free to USA.  What's not to like?

Versatile is what you need, then this Moncler Alain Reversible coat at Roden Gray should fit the bill.  On one side is solid olive color and on the other side is camouflage print.  This jacket even comes with a matching carrying pouch.  And the best part is... it's 70% off.  When was the last time you saw anything Moncler at 70% off (that's not a fake and being sold on Ebay)?   

Dying for a pair of Lanvin sneaker but don't want to pay for that hefty retail price?  Here's a pair from LN-CC for 60% off retail!  Best of all is that they have every single size left!  Many places have sold out of sizes at 30-50% off but leave it to me to find a pair at a legit website that has all the sizes left.  LOL.