Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Presales galore!

Presales have started at several places... from Bottega Veneta to Barney's New York.  Better hit the store ASAP before everything is picked over and then some.  Sometimes sales people hold items that they think their best clients may want so don't afraid to ask if they have more sizes available in the back (as they always do)!

First up, Barney's New York.  Presale started today.  You can tell which pieces are on sale or not by looking at price tags; if there is a dot on the tag (look at the back of the tag), it's in the presale pile.  All major brands (think Balmain, Thom Browne, Givenchy, Saint Laurent Paris) are at about 40% off.  Probably the best deal so far.  You can pick up your purchases after December 2.  And no, Moncler is not on sale at this time as usual.

Bloomingdales started their pre-sale last weekend.  Also around 40% off.  Better hop to it quick.

Prada's pre-fall and fall are on sale at 40% off.  Started last weekend as well.

Saint Laurent Paris is pre-saling at 30% off.  Not as good of a markdown... but then again, it's the hottest brand right now so what can you expect.

Saks started earlier last week but selection isn't so good.  Selection meaning Lanvin, Givenchy level goods are not discounted...

Lastly, Bottega Veneta started presale as well.  But unless you are a regular at the boutique, you won't be able to access the discounted items (unless you want to pay full price) as sales people check their computers to see if you qualify for presale or not.  If you don't qualify, check back December 1 when the presale goes public (Actually I would check back November 30th because I bet the staff would be able to bend the rules then).  Leather goods 30% off and clothes/shoes at 50% off.

Happy Shopping!!  :)


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