Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jewel tone bowls for your entertaining needs

I'm always on a constant lookout for bowls and plates for my tableware needs.  So when I laid my eyes on these bowls, I thought they would be perfect for ice cream or gazpacho.  I know it's not even spring yet but hey, it's never too early to prepare for a festive dinner party!  Vitreluxe crystal bowls come in two sizes: 4" diameter at $78 each or 7" diameter at $285.  They are available in 6 different jewel tones: Amber, Aqua, Berry, Sea Green, Topaz, Violet.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Walk all over Damien Hirst

These boots are made for walking and they are made for walking all over Damien Hirst's Beautiful saucy spit roast it'll all end in tears rug!!  Never mind about the art's long title....  But this limited editioned (7) rug will cost you a hefty $45,000 if you want to walk all over it.  While this is not a cheap rug by any means, but when was the last time one can purchase a Damien Hirst art work that is 6'6" wide and cost less than a million dollars?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Eat off a Calder!

Nope, you cannot eat off a Calder mobile or stabile.  That's why Calder foundation teamed up with Bernardaud to come up with limited edition porcelain plates to celebrate Calder.  These 3000 editioned plates comes in a pack of six and are priced at $550 per pack which is about $92 a plate.  I'm not sure if these will ever go up in value as Calder himself did not personally collaborate with Bernardaud.... But these plates do look beautiful and I think they look much better as wall decorations or as dinner service chargers than something you would eat off.  The designs on the plates will clash with any food you put on them so I don't recommend using them as dinner plates.  

Monday, January 26, 2015

Missoni for Target Australia final sale

Remember the crazy 2011 Missoni for Target sale that crash Target's own website and caused fashionistas days of anguishment?  Well, certainly not at the down and under Target.  Probably because of the frenzy ensued at American Target few years ago, Australian Target apparently made plenty of stock to go around and then some.  But because they stocked so much merchandise, they are now having a fire sale to get rid of the remaining stock!  I'm going to highlight few pieces that I think are tremendous deal so get ready to beg your relatives/ friends in Australia to send these to you.  Oh, and by the way, American dollar have shot up in value lately so when you see something that's $10 AUS, it's actually about $8 USD.  Score!

These wedge sandals have classic Missoni pattern but at $10 AUS price tag (yes, you read that right...  that's like $8 USD) and all sizes available, you just simply can't beat the price and style even after adding shipping cost from Australia to US.  The original price tag was $69 AUS.

These see through pouches are perfect for your traveling needs or toss them in your purse if you need some compartmentalization.  They are perfect organizers and at $10 AUS (marked down from $30), you just simply cannot go wrong with them.  Plus they are super light to ship.

Need a tote bag that is stylish yet if you lose it, you won't be crying for days?  Well, Missoni for Target Australia has you covered.  This Geo Tote is perfect for your summer outing to supermarket or beach and at $15 AUS (originally $59 AUS), it's about the same price as any reusable grocery bags you get at any US supermarket.  

And don't forget to check out kid's, men's and home section.  There is plenty left over in those categories as well.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Follow me!

Remember when you were younger, you probably had a pull toy that you pull to everywhere with you.  Well, one of my favorite artist Yoshitomo Nara designed a pull toy for your toddler to play with.  It's an adorable dog!  This dog is made of hardwood and is painted with none-toxic finish.  This 2 pound puppy is made in France and is friendly to everyone!  ;)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Who doesn't like a cashmere teddy bear?

Sure.  It's a controversial color: chartreuse!  But it's snugly and best of all, it's marked down from $165 to $66.  Now that's a price I can snuggle against!  This color is actually a perfect for your modern interior be it children's room or on your vanity table.  It'll bring a nice pop of color to a gray or blue color scheme room.  This bear is designed by Armand Diradourian and made by hand.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Quiet please!!!

Do you want a room to be somewhat sound proof?  Or maybe you have a large living room that echos too much because you just put in that sleek concrete flooring recently?  Abstracta to the rescue.  Stitch Room Divider is a soft screen that not only divide up a large space but can absorb excess unwanted noise.  I love the appearance of the screen: soft and cuddly... which isn't exactly the type of adjectives one would use when one think of a room divider.  This is perfect for restaurants, baby's room, or a large living room that echos too much.