Monday, September 22, 2014

A limited edition art from Takashi Murakami that won't break your bank

Yoox not only brings everyone gorgeously made clothes at a very reasonable price, but they also from time to time collaborate with artists to beautify one's environment.  Case and point:  The latest Yoox art collaboration is with Takashi Murakami who needs no introduction with fashion crowds.  After all, who can forget Louis Vuitton bags with printed flowers, pandas, and jellyfish eyes?  Takashi made two exclusive prints for Yoox this time around.  Typically his print editions are 300 but in this case, it is only 100!  Usually smaller the edition, higher the price a print commands.  However, in this case, these limited edition prints are only $585 each.  A similar size Murakami prints at 300 editions usually starts from $1000 and up unframed.  These smaller editioned prints are not only cheaper than the price he typically commands, but they are also framed.  I anticipate these prints will go very fast so get them while supplies last!

Friday, September 19, 2014

How to make sure your home always smells wonderful

I have never been very into scented candles until one of my client had a bunch of them.....I have to admit whatever the scent they had burning, it smell good.  Then one day as I was strolling around Abbot Kinney in Venice (California), I came across a store smelling wonderful.  I asked the store owner what is she burning and she pointed out to me Aquiesse's French Oak Currant candle.  The candle has a deep red currant, cassis, citrus, and french oak smell; lots of sweet and citrus-y notes but not perfume-y.  I was in love so I bought my first scented candle with her.  Since then, I have experimented with other brands of scented candles.  So go and buy some candles, not only it will make your home smell good, it may also put you in a good mood!

Friday, September 12, 2014

If I can only have a set of flatware for the rest of my life, I would get this set

Whenever I entertain guests in my home, I always take into consideration which flatware set I will use.  Sometimes I use my Puiforcat ones.  Sometimes I use my vintage American 1960s Reed & Barton set.  But my favorite set is, no doubt, Town & Country from Allan Adler.  This Californian silversmith hand made all his flatware which is rarely seen in this much automation world.  I love the fact that each piece essentially is unique.  The design is classic, streamlined, and restrained. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Welcome to your indoor herb garden

For any city dwellers who likes to cook, it's always wasteful to buy a whole packet of herbs and only ended up using few sprigs.  Aerogarden from Miracle-Gro came up with a compact garden that can go into any kitchen.  Some of them are even equipped with LED lights so that you can grow your herbs indoor while not using a lot of energy.  How cool is that?  Now get your aprons on!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Perfect chandelier for your teenage girl room

A bedroom has two main focal points: one is bed, and the other is chandelier.  Recess lighting is always good to have but to have a nice chandelier hanging from ceiling, is even better.  A girly chandelier like this one from Circa Lighting is a perfect backdrop for any teenage girl's room.  Designed by Aerin Lauder, grand daughter of Estee Lauder, she is also the style and image director for the Estée Lauder Companies.