Friday, April 10, 2015

New SF restaurant that has one Michelin star written all over it!

This new restaurant is Mourad.  The gorgeous interior was done by Lundberg Design who did Larry Ellison's house on Billionaires row on Broadway in San Francisco.  The owner of Mourad also owns Aziza restaurant here in SF which has one Michelin star so I knew Mourad will be minimally as good as Aziza if not better.  Let's just say I will not be surprised to see Mourad get two Michelin stars soon.  The food is Californian/ French/ Moroccan fusion cuisine.  The result was delectable.  Couscous was especially fluffy and yummy.  I can eat that all day long!  Short rib melts in your mouth.  Don't bother to chew. Caviar on brioche with maple syrup was just divine; right amount of sweetness and saltiness!  The only things I had reservation of is the rose desert.  But that's a minor quip compared to everything I had.  I will be back!