Monday, December 29, 2014

After Christmas Sale

Dying for that new jacket or shoes for your New Year's Eve party?  Luckily for those of us waited for that After Christmas Sale, our wishes were answered.  Here's what's left for the picking!

For those of you who love Givenchy, here's a hoodie that will make Zuckerberg green with envy at the deal you got....marked down from $1545 to $464.

Can Diane Von Furstenberg ever be wrong?  Not in many people's eyes.  She picked Public School as the up and coming men's designer last year and here's a cropped leather biker jacket that will make you ultra cool should you accept the challenge.  Price dropped from $1950 to $585 will make you look smarter too!

Flexible is always better right?  You can expand this Lanvin tote bag by unzipping its sides.  Now you can buy more stuff with the newly expanded bag.... how convenient!  Marked down from $950 to $379. 

Now that Euro is at a low against US dollar, it's the best time to shop on European websites to arbitrage your shopping need.  Here's a dope Saint Laurent Paris raglan bomber jacket.  Retailed for $1745 here in US but I found one in Europe for $653.  You are welcome!

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