Monday, April 1, 2013

Miette Bakery in San Francisco

For those of you who are coming to visit San Francisco, you should stop by this little bakery called Miette.  There are two of them in the city.  One in the Hayes Valley (kinda like the hipster town part of SF although it's slowly being gentrified) and the other one in the Ferry Building.  What I like about the bakery is that everything is carefully curated.  You can tell the owner takes great pride in her presentation of her goods.  Her shops kinda remind me a lot of Thiebaud paintings....  very 50s Americana.  The colors she uses are general pastel and design on her goodies are never complicated.  They have a nice simplicity look to them.  If you are ever in town, I would highly recommend stopping by one of her shop as it's one of those places where San Franciscans go to for their dessert needs.  I know I certainly do.

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