Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Manresa Restaurant in Los Gatos

I don't venture much down to Los Gatos usually, but for a two Michelin star restaurant, any time.  There are only 2 two-Michelin star restaurants on the San Francisco peninsula.  One was Baume which I have covered before.  The other one is Manresa.  Both are really quite good.  For restaurant setting, Manresa definitely has Baume beaten hands down.  Food wise, I think Baume was slightly more consistent.  But of course this is all very subjective since both are just wonderful.  In either case, let's just say I would not mind to dine at Manresa nightly.  Everything I had was done expertly and precisely.  Presentation was on point and nothing I had cause me to think what were they thinking.  I even got my frozen pea ice cream dessert that is reminiscent of the one I had at Meadowood Restaurant that I loved so much.  All in all it was delectable meal that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who's traveling to or live around San Jose (or for that matter, SF bay area).   

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