Monday, March 25, 2013

Thom Browne safety pin oxford shirt

 Remember Elizabeth Hurley's Versace safety pin dress?  Well, decades later, Thom Browne came out with a safety pin oxford shirt.  It's not your grandpa's white oxford shirt for sure.  Frankly speaking it's a bit ridiculous looking but at the same time, kinda memorizing.   I mean I certainly never seen anything like it in any men's department stores before.  I think it's cool and fresh.  At least it makes me think twice about what makes a shirt unique.  I have many white shirts over the years but if I ever get my hands on this one, I'll definitely remember it for life.  The sad part of this shirt is that once you wear it to a party, you can't really wear it again because everyone will remember you wearing that shirt!  But then again, if you have many groups of friends, I guess you can wear it multiple times.  Still, it's one expensive oxford if you ask me.  You can purchase it at Barney's New York.

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