Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fashion genius Valentino's favorite place to eat tiramisu?

Next time when you are at The Eternal City a.k.a. Rome, stop by Felice Restaurant.  Every single pasta dish in this trattoria is cooked to perfection but you must have their Cacio e pepe.  This Roman dish essentially consists of pasta (usually Spaghetti but at Felice they use homemade tonnarelli) with freshly shaved pecorino Romano cheese, black pepper, emulsified with pasta water and olive oil.  When I was there, my waiter tossed it next to my table until the shaved cheese completely melted into pasta.  The result was a creamy pungent dish that is so simple but yet perfect.  Anyone who cooks regularly knows that cooking a great simple dish is the hardest task because there is no place to hide from imperfection.  Let's just say Felice's Cacio e pepe defines perfection.  Oh and just so you think you are done, don't forget to order their tiramisu.  It is said that it's one of fashion designer Valentino's favorite place to take in his tiramisu.  And frankly if it's good enough for Valentino, it's good enough for me.  Just saying...       

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