Monday, February 24, 2014

Benu on Hawthrone

Benu restaurant sits right at the same place where old Hawthrone Lane restaurant was.  That was the only thing both restaurant shared though.  Benu has consistently been rated as one of the best restaurant in San Francisco and there is a good reason for that....  food is exceptional (and they have two Michelin stars to prove it), service is on point, decor is understated, and the music choice is somewhat odd (to me anyway).

Its menu is Japanese/ Chinese inspired Californian cuisine.  The overall presentation is elegant, simple, and very precise.  My favorite experience has to be the birthday cake.  Our server came out with a wooden music box that has little LED lights under.  I crank the box and happy birthday song came out.  Turn out the wooden box has a plate underneath with a delicious birthday cake.  It was a very cute and a pleasant surprise.  I highly recommend this restaurant for every occasion.  

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