Friday, July 12, 2013

Review of Saint Laurent Paris Womenswear Fall/ Winter 2013

We are just getting into summer but fall/winter collections are making appearances in stores.  One of the hottest brand right now is still Saint Laurent Paris.  Everyone is wondering what Hedi Slimane will do next after some said a very safe YSL spring/summer 2013 collection.  Well, looks like Hedi went in a total different direction for the fall/winter season.  Many said it was a head scratcher....  He visited the grunge era this time around.  People thought that it was too un-YSL; not luxurious enough and not too daring either.

The naysayers need to give Hedi time.  It's very hard to incorporate the legendary YSL magic into one's own design style.  With that said, I actually do like the fall/winter collection from Saint Laurent Paris.  The womenswear more or less modeled after Courtney Love while men's wear is after Kurt Cobain... ie grunge style.  Obviously grunge was popular back in the early 90s.  20 years have passed and we all know fashion goes in circles (for example bell bottom was popular in both 70s and 90s).

I particularly like this look for the ladies.  It feels like a good mixture of elegance (can one say grunge and elegant in the same sentence?) and hip.  If one pulls the whole look apart, there are actually a lot of YSL-ism in this outfit.  First, the jacket itself is a pure YSL color (sparkly gold and black) and fabrication.  You can easily pair that jacket with black pants and look totally chic.  The nude color dress underneath the dress is very feminine looking.  With a pair of stiletto, you can be the bell of the ball at any cocktail party.  Pairing of the long scarf, fishnet stocking, and studded boots give this look a grunge styling.  I actually love the scarf.  It feels most out of place in this ensemble which is why I think it's ingenious.

I'm actually quite glad that Hedi brought back the glamor rock and roll girl.  Since the departure of Christophe Decarnin of Balmain, I feel there is a hole in the fashion world.  Hedi does it in a very controlled elegant way whereas Decarnin's version feels overtly sexual.  Men's 2014 Spring/Summer collection was recently shown and it was obviously inspired by Mick Jagger.  One has to wonder who will inspire his womenswear this time around?    

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