Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Is that a Jeff Koons Balloon Dog Bookend?

One of my favorite place to shop for clients is SFMOMA museum store.  The stuff they sell had been curated by curators so rarely do I see things in store that make me go puke in bathroom.  One of the fun thing they sell at SFMOMA is a balloon dog bookend.  It comes in orange and purple.  The finish is matte so it has a nice serene quality to it.  I think they are perfect for a quirky desk, book case, or a baby room.  And NO, they are not made by Jeff Koons.... I mean just check out the price...$40!  I'm pretty sure that anything stamped Jeff Koons will cost more than that.  And yes, Jeff Koons did try to sue the maker and yes, he had to drop the lawsuit because balloon dog shape has been around for quite a looooong know, before he was born....

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