Monday, January 27, 2014

What would an armchair inspired by Quartz crystal look like?

One of the most oddball armchair you will ever see is Quartz Armchair.  It is inspired by crystal formations and is basically made of whole bunch pentagon and hexagon-shaped upholstered cushions inserted into a wood frame.  Besides the awesome looking shape, you can pull the cushions off the armchair if you have company that needs extra seating.  So essentially you are buying an armchair that is made of 15 poufs.  And naturally you will have to pay dearly for a privilege to own such an unique looking armchair....14k!  That's right.  You read that correctly.  It's for sale on TouchOfModern.  These armchairs pop up every few months on the flash sale website.  But with that pricing, I'm pretty sure you can call T.O.M. up and order them even if they are not on the sale calendar because after all, not too many people are clamoring to own a 14k armchair.  Oh, and if you know of people who can afford it AND willing to pay for it, please have them contact me as I would love to be their interior designer!  ;)

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