Friday, March 28, 2014

From one Michelin star to two

I remember going to Quince when they first re-opened at their Jackson square location.  Food was wonderful.  I specifically remember their huckleberry souffle.  It was just divine!  At that time, they had one Michelin star.  I returned couple times since.  The last time I returned, they were upgraded to two Michelin stars.  The menu had changed as well.  I can see why they were upgraded.  The menu feels a lot more concise and controlled.  Before they had a la carte menu but now they only offer prix-fixe menu.  I can see why they did that as that gives them a better control of the food and presentation.  The service felt more orchestrated and refined as well.  Not that the old Quince was a mess or anything but now everything just feel like it's coming together nicely.  Typically for me, I feel like there is always some kind of miss in an one Michelin star restaurant, but when you get to two Michelin stars, all the kinks should have been worked out.  I can honestly say that everything I had at Quince last time was delectable; everything was cooked perfectly; I can't think of anything to complaint about.  Oh yes, there was one.  When they bring out the petite fours at the end, it was 6 different ones and both my best friend and I have always, always fought over who gets the pate de fruit.  But Quince had that solved as well.  They brought out additional pate de fruit for the whole table without batting an eye.  Everyone at the table agreed that we are coming back again! 

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