Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Follow me!

Remember when you were younger, you probably had a pull toy that you pull to everywhere with you.  Well, one of my favorite artist Yoshitomo Nara designed a pull toy for your toddler to play with.  It's an adorable dog!  This dog is made of hardwood and is painted with none-toxic finish.  This 2 pound puppy is made in France and is friendly to everyone!  ;)


  1. cute dog! I'm not sure you only have to be a kid to enjoy these. If it's small enough, I'd love it on a desk. It helps to cheer you up a bit when you've got a lot of uncheery work to face.

    Curious, though. Why is Yoshitomo Nara one of your favorite artists? What sort of art does he usually make?

  2. I agree. They can be put on a desk as decoration... or bookcases. I like Yoshitomo Nara because his artwork is simple but packs a punch at the same time. You often see little innocent looking kids doing pretty naughty things like smoking or holding up a sign says No Nukes! It's the dichotomy of the messages/ images that interest me. Asia Society in Hong Kong is doing an exhibition on Nara. Catch it if you are in the region. I believe there are some affordable limited edition items that can be purchased on site.