Friday, September 27, 2013

Gary Hume 1000 windows

When was the last time you purchased an original artwork by a known artist for less than $300?  Well, here's your opportunity.  You can purchase one by Gary Hume on Tate Museum's website.  There are one thousand of them in existence.  Each are individually painted, signed, and numbered.  This particular work is derived from a painting he did in 2000.  According to NYT:

“Yellow Window,” from 2000, a black canvas with bright yellow outlining the window panes, is “about van Gogh and Duchamp,” he said, “because I like to look at the world through their eyes.” Then there’s “Baby,” from 1994-95, in which red eyes and a white mouth peek out from an otherwise dark canvas. He made it that way because, “When they arrive they’re real and totally alien,” he said, recalling when his son, who is now 26, was born. “I’m drawn to vulnerability and ugliness,” Mr. Hume went on. “As a kid growing up in Kent I was the ugly duckling.”

Gary Hume is part of the Young British Artists (YBA) group.  His work was included in the infamous Sensation exhibition (artwork owned by Charles Saatchi) that toured Royal Academy of Art in London, Berlin, and New York (Brooklyn Museum).  Yes, this was the exhibition that then mayor Rudolph Giuliani tried to shut down.  Since that exhibition, many of its artists have gone on and become extremely famous.  The most famous ones are arguably Damien Hirst (shark in a tank with formaldehyde) and Chris Ofili (the one who painted black Madonna with elephant dung that gave Giuliani fits).

Gary Hume's work is vastly undervalued in my opinion.  His exhibition at Tate Britain is closed now but you can purchase the exhibition catalogue on Tate Museum's website.   

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