Monday, September 23, 2013

It's the knobs that make the difference

The best way to make a kitchen or bathroom look high end is install beautiful knobs.  They are not only functional, but whatever the choice you made also says a lot about you.  Therefore, one must choose one's knobs carefully.  I recently came across Baronne doorknob by Murano House.  They are absolutely gorgeous!  These are handmade with Murano Glass.  The best part about them is each glass is infused with either 24ct Gold Leaf or 925 Silver Leaf!  How luxurious is that?!  Even if you are just renting, I would get them because when you move, you can easily twist these knobs off and install them at your next place.  Changing out knobs is the easiest way to update your kitchen or bath.  Naturally with something as fabulous as these knobs, they don't come cheap.   But if you use them daily, they may be a lot cheaper per use if you compare them to that pair of Louboutin shoes you just got last week!  They can be found here.   

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