Friday, December 27, 2013

Jannis Brevet at Ikarus Restaurant

Ikarus is a restaurant in Salzburg that invites top chefs all around the world to come and be a guest chef for a month in their kitchen.  It has one Michelin star.  But as you can imagine, quality of food varies from month to month.  Luckily for me, I got Jannis Brevet on my trip to Ikarus.  He's one of the most respected chef from Netherlands.  His restaurant, Inter Scaldes, has two Michelin Stars.  And yes, the food I had at Ikarus was definitely a two Michelin star quality.

Here was my menu with non alcoholic drink pairing (indicate below with *)

Egg with cauliflower, smoked eel and basil sabayon

Langostino with a cream of onions, granny smith, sea banana and lavender vinaigrette *Cucumber sour

Dutch caviar with a brandade of sturgeon and white grapes *Grapes chai

Luke warm potato salad with black truffle, radish and parmigiano reggiano *Quince bitter

Cream of Peking ducking with popcorn foam and fig chutney * Carrot fennel

Atlantic turbot with fennel, pumpkin seed oil, marinated vegetables and mace broth *Soothing pear

Anjou pigeon with epoisse cream, carrots and white truffle *Soya cabernet

Relief construction, cardamom, blueberry, caramel, tomato *Cassis shake

I have never seen any non alcoholic pairing with any food before in any restaurants.  This is a first and I'm a fan!  The food was so delectable.  Let's just say next time when I go back to Netherlands, I'm stopping by his restaurant!!!  Btw, Ikarus restaurant is in Hanger 7 which stores Red Bull's owner's "toys".  What I mean toys is fast cars, planes, etc.  It was cool to walk through the museum.  The service at Ikarus was very formal and exact; no complaints from me for sure (unlike Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas...Just saying...).

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