Wednesday, December 18, 2013

There is tape dispenser and then there is Cube Tape Dispenser

Another great and affordable Christmas gift for that someone who has everything is Cube tape dispenser from Georg Jensen.  Pretty much everyone has a tape dispenser or two in their homes, but how many of us can actually be proud of the tape dispenser we own?  I have quite a few from OfficeMax and Scotch.  All of them are hidden in a drawer.  After all, they are not pleasant to look at so why would I put them on top of my desk?  But if I have a Georg Jensen Cube tape dispenser, 99.9% chance I would have it proudly displayed.  So if you have a love one or a friend who has everything, I think this will be a perfect gift for them because chances are, their tape dispensers are aesthetically challenged. You can purchase the said dispenser on Georg Jensen's for $65.

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