Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In person review of Saint Laurent Paris


Well, I had a chance to try on few pieces of the new Saint Laurent Paris collection today.  Let's just say it runs super small!!!!  Like even if you are skinny, be prepared to size up!!!  I tried on the sweatshirt.  I generally like my sweatshirt big and comfy.  I typically wear a M and sometimes a L.  I tried on the L, it's tight on my body and it's cropped.  Like you need to wear high waist pants for it not to look odd.  I ended up trying the XXXL and XXL (they didn't have XL).  It's much more manageable; the pic above depicting me wearing a XXL.  The sweatshirt is no longer cropped and definitely roomy on the side.  While I know Slimane likes to cut things really tight but my god, this is just ridiculous.  My sales person told me that she has a client who wears a 31 Dior jeans from Slimane era.  Well, he had to go up to 33 for Saint Laurent Paris.  So be aware, things are tight and cropped.  You will need to size up quite a bit if you have any muscle bulk.  The black leather-paneled zippered sleeveless muscle shirt is true to size so if you are looking to buy that, take your typical size.  I also tried on shoes.  Low top sneakers are fine if not boring looking.  The black and silver nail-perforated brogues are definitely interesting... the leather is definitely harder than the low top sneakers; you may want to take a half size up.   

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