Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ultimate luxury for your bed: Pratesi sheets

Ever wonder which brand of sheets that Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, and Andy Warhol used for their beds?  It's Pratesi.  Enough said.  These people demand the best and Pratesi delivers.

The company was founded in 1906 in Tuscany, Italy.  This 107 year old family owned firm is now run by its fourth generation (head by Federico Pratesi) which has rebooted its retail presence (ie online and different price points).  As everyone knows, your food is only as good as its ingredients.  Same with bedding.  Pratesi's cotton is purchased from southern Egypt and they get the first pick because they hold the oldest contracts in the area.  That's why Pratesi sheets are angel soft and crisp!

BTW, many people believe higher the thread count, better and more luxurious the sheets are.  It's actually NOT true.  Sheets from luxury brand such as Pratesi or Frette will feel much softer and more luxurious than the 1000 thread counts sheets you get from some no name brands.  It all comes down to the quality of the cotton (length and thickness of each fiber), how the sheet was woven, and finishing techniques of each sheet.

Apparently the new sheets that Federico developed does not require any ironing.  You can go from washer to dryer to bed.  Traditionally to get a crisp sheen, one would need to iron one's sheets or send them out to one's dry cleaner.  But apparently Federico has fixed that.  Sheets can be purchased at their store on Melrose Place in Los Angeles or in New York on Madison Avenue. 

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