Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BVRB, maître ébéniste

BVRB, aka BERNARD II VAN RISAMBURGH.  He is probably regarded as the best cabinet maker during the reign of Louis XV.  His gilt bronze mount (ormolu) is always more delicate looking when compares to his contemporaries and typically his cabinet would be inlaid with Japanese lacquer panels.   He is also known for inlaying his pieces with Sevres porcelain plaques.  In fact, he was the first cabinet maker to incorporate them into furniture.  His work is actually very easy to spot once you see enough of them.  The biggest giveaway is his ormolu... they always look so delicate and spindly.

To see his work, one just have to stroll through the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Metropolitan Museum in NYC or V&A Museum in London.   His work do come up at Christie's or Sotheby's from time to time.  They are highly sought after and often cost upwards of seven figures.

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