Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cavallo Point Lodge

Cavallo Point Lodge is where San Franciscans do their staycation.  It's a hotel right across Golden Gate Bridge north of San Francisco.   There are two lodging style choices:  One is traditional and the other is modern.  The traditional ones are perfect for families with kids.  There are multiple rooms in these lodges where everyone can have their own room.  In front of traditional lodges is a huge grass lawn where kids can run wild (and they do).  The contemporary lodges are up in the hills with great views of the Golden Gate bridge.  I had the pleasure to stay at a contemporary lodge and it was definitely memorable.  If green building is your thing, then Cavallo Point will not disappoint you.

Murray Circle restaurant on site is also quite good.  Prices are very reasonable.  Sure, you are not getting a Michelin Star food and presentation, but you are not paying Michelin Star prices either.  Their four course lunch menu for $23 is a steal!  You can't go wrong with the price and quality.

CP also has a very nice spa.  If you have a chance, definitely go check it out.  I had a pleasant facial there.  Staff were friendly and the facility was calming and tranquil. 

I had a very pleasant stay here and would definitely be back.

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