Friday, June 7, 2013

Fendi Selleria Workshop

I'm not a big fan of Fendi logo bags.  It just feels very pedestrian... like hey, look at me, I'm carrying a bag with a bunch of Fs.  Fendi Selleria bags, on the other hand, is totally different.  They are all hand made and have a discrete silver plaque either inside or outside of the bag.  That's it.  You will definitely not know it's a Fendi bag if the plaque is inside.... although I think any bag connoisseur will be able to tell that the bag is of high quality because the leather and workmanship exudes that.  While one can find those fake Fendi logo bags allover midtown Manhattan, selleria bags are not copied because one, it's too expensive to copy it, and two, people who buys fake bags are attracted to instant recognizable bags (ie logo bags, or birkin bag shaped bags).  So thank god for that.

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