Monday, June 17, 2013

Sale time at men's Christian Louboutin shop!

When was the last time you say men's Christian Louboutin shoes go on sale? Well, the answer has to be never because for three years, men's Christian Louboutin has never ever gone on sale.... until now. Started this past Friday, Christian Louboutin's men boutiques (NYC, Miami, LA) went on sale. It actually started on Thursday night for VIPs. You can also check out the Barney's New York stores that carries CL; selected styles went on sale. The shoes are 30% off. Not a lot but since it never goes on sale, I guess it's better than no sale at all! Unfortunately if you are looking for pikpik, spikes, or sneakers, you are out of luck as those usually sell out before they even hit the floor. However, for those who are more adventure some, you may be able to pick up boots like Aoussam, David at a discount.

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