Monday, April 10, 2017

My favorite pieces from Spring and Summer this year

As we start to go into spring season, it's time to add to our existing wardrobe so that it will look fresh and new.  Here are few of my favorite pieces from the spring/ summer collection this year.


This spring and summer season, Pierpaolo Piccioli brings us few themes: panther, stars with camo, ID camo, cuban cigar box embroidery, and rockstud.  I'm not a fan of the panther.  He found the pattern from Valentino archive.  I just find the whole panther look unappealing.  Stars with camo was a them he had for this past fall/ winter collection.  Personally I'm not fan of the combo.  ID camo is interesting as you can go into Valentino and have them print your initials onto bags, clothes etc.  A good way to ensure people buy your clothes at full retail!  My favorite from this season by far is the cuban cigar box embroidery collection.  I find the color combo on the embroideries very pretty.   Unfortunately this is also the most expensive among the spring offering from Valentino.  Last but not least is the rockstud collection which had been going on for awhile now.  Still looks good.


Ever since Jonathan Anderson became its head designer, I thought it would give the brand a huge boost.  I thought the first season's clothes few seasons ago was very interesting and showed lots of promise.  The design proportion was new and just seem different from every other designers out there.  But since then, the proportion and design just gets weirder and weirder.  Luckily, the accessories are still quite charming.  I love the Anton backpack and various animal charm/ coin purse.


If there was ever a maximist, Alessandro Michele has to be it.  While I love the new direction where Gucci is going to, sometimes it can just get too busy. With that said, I love the embroideries they do on all of their polo shirts.  The tiger, bee, snake motifs all look very charming and new.  I also love his souvenir jackets.  I would love to get one from Gucci every season.

Thom Browne

His clothes doesn't vary a lot.  It's either so out there that you can't really wear them unless you are going to a Halloween party... think big spikes on super wide shoulder blazers that make you look like a Frankenstein, or they look like a normal suit that's slightly shrunken.  Then of course he pulls a rabbit out of a bag and give you tote bags that look like a dog, a shark, or a steamboat!  I mean what can you do with those tote bags?  Can you really carry them down 5th avenue?  Well, minimally I think they are at least interesting to look at in your office.       

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