Friday, May 10, 2013

Hotel Les Mars at Healdsburg

If country French decor is your thing and if you are looking to stay in the Sonoma wine country area, then Hotel Les Mars should be on top of your list.  It's a very nicely done hotel.  The finishes were quite good.  If I remember correctly, the shower dial was from Waterworks.... and Waterworks stuff is really top of the line (meaning pretty much the most expensive bathroom hardware you can buy).  The bed was comfortable and room was spacious.  The only complaint I would have is next to Hotel Les Mars, they are building a barn shed structure while I was staying there.  Let's just say the construction workers did not wait till 9AM before they started working.  Despite the double pane windows, I can still clearly hear everything.  But I get it, when staying in downtown of any town, you will hear city noises.  As far as I can tell, construction was near the end stage so I'm sure by the time summer rolls around, it would be done.  Cyrus used to be the go to restaurant in Healdsburg but it had closed since.  Hotel Les Mars is in the process of coming up with a brand new restaurant.  It would be interesting to see what they come up with.  Our in room breakfast was not bad.  I remember reading about how crappy it was on Tripadvisor.  I think the hotel has since put in a roof top kitchen to do their breakfast while waiting for the kitchen downstairs get renovated.  Once that's done, I'm sure Hotel Les Mars will be the best place to stay in Healdsburg.

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