Friday, May 24, 2013

MeiYinTang at Sotheby's Auction House

There are very few Chinese porcelain collections today that has an impeccable taste and quality.   The MeiYingTang (Hall among Rose Beds) is one of those very few old school collection that still exist today.  The collection was assembled for over half a century and has a traditional European connoisseurship that you don't see anymore.  Pulled together by Gilbert and Stephen Zuellig (brother), it is perhaps one of the last bastion of European collection of Chinese porcelain that will ever be sold at auction. 

Sotheby's got the prize because Nicolas Chow, Deputy Chairman for Sotheby's Asia and the International Head of Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, is the grandson of famed Edward T. Chow who advised Zuellig brothers early on.  After the death of E. T. Chow, Giuseppe Eskenazi (the foremost Chinese ceramic dealer in the world) became their advisor.

Currently Sotheby's just finished selling the Part V of the collection.  The first part of the collection was sold on April 7, 2011 to a tepid result because people were skittish at that time due to rumors of deadbeat buyers from China (the buyer of Bainbridges vase which sold for 43 million pounds on November 11, 2010 ended up not paying for it... it is believed the said vase was sold in early 2013 for about 25 million pounds), which led many collectors to feel nervous about bidding against someone who may not pay.   Since then, the MeiYinTang collection had done much better at auction.

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