Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Entryway bench that looks good and easy on your wallet!

If you go to an Asian person's home, you will likely find an entryway bench prominently at foyer area as quite a few of us grew up having to take off our shoes before going inside anyone's home.  The logic behind that is you don't carry dirt into your home.  I think this concept may have originally came from Japan as I don't think you can ever go into a Japanese person's home without seeing an entryway bench.

Given my fondness of an entryway bench, I was delighted to see that Blu Dot now offers one on Target's website.  Blu Dot is a mid tier level home furnishing brand that offers great mid century modern style furniture.  I know every time I step into their boutique in the Mission District in San Francisco, I'm always tempted to buy a thing or two.  The collaboration between Target and Blu Dot had been going on for awhile.  The best part of the collaboration is economical price with great design.  This well priced bench also comes with storage beneath to store all your shoes and it is additional 10% off today with code: HOMESAVE10

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