Thursday, June 4, 2015

Reinventing Loewe

I'm literally kicking myself for not knowing Loewe had recently started to produce men's clothes. Apparently Loewe hired Jonathan Anderson not too long ago to revamp the brand.  Loewe is a Spanish brand rooted in Madrid.  They are known for their leather goods.  I believe this is the first time for them producing men's clothes.  I saw his clothes for the first time few weeks ago at Barney's New York on Madison Avenue after spending few weeks in Spain (and didn't bother to stop in one of their stores while I was there... uhh...).  Given the difference in Euro and Dollar, I could have gotten very good prices.  I'm so kicking myself!!!  His clothes feels very new; proportions are very interesting, craftsmanship is very high, and they are a bit androgynous at the same time.   

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