Thursday, June 18, 2015

Twirl away! The newest playground for your kids in Alameda!

With budget cuts left and right for education, art classes are always the first one to go.  But fear not, Twirl in Alameda has you covered!  This new art laboratory boutique that just opened a month ago is the best thing that happened to your kids.

This 3000 sqft play space is the ultimate fun place for your little ones to can frolic to their content!  There are tons of art supply at the space where your kids to be creative and learn.   They also offer up a private party room for your children's birthday bash where he/she can invite up to 17 of his/her closest buddies for a day of art fun.  And if you want to catch a romantic dinner on Friday night in downtown Alameda, drop off your kids in one of their evening classes and have a great date night alone just between two of you.  Did I mention those classes book up really fast....


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