Wednesday, December 26, 2012

B&B Ristorante at Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

I went on a gastronomy trip earlier this year to Las Vegas.  While most people know Las Vegas for slot machines and black jack tables, it actually is also a mini-culinary capital of US.  Odd but true.  Just about who's who in the culinary world has a restaurant or two in Las Vegas.  I was very curious about the food here versus food in SF or NYC.  While some restaurants were utterly disappointing for one thing or another, B&B Ristorante was actually a pleasant surprise.

Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich opened this restaurant hence the name B&B.  The only experience I had eating at a Batali restaurant prior to B&B is Eataly in NYC.  But that's not really a restaurant per se so I was very eager to try B&B.  I had the pasta tasting menu.  I LOVE pasta but I'm very particular about how well it is cooked.  I like al dente.  However, most restaurants I go to, their pasta is usually overcooked.  Well, not at B&B.  Every dish came out perfectly.  I was very happy with consistency of the dishes.  I wasn't a big fan of the black spaghetti but other then that, everything was tasty... even the dessert.  I'm not fond of Italian desserts in general so I was surprised how light and good their honey budino was.  I will definitely return to this place again.  

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