Sunday, December 16, 2012

Japanese Hibachi

I love taking something that's used for one function and re-purpose it to suit my need.  One thing I found in the past that can be re-purposed is a Japanese hibachi.  Hibachi is a heating devise, usually with an open top circular or rectangular shape, with a lined (fireproof) inset container.  The item used for heating is typically charcoal.  These containers are usually made of ceramic, metal, or in this case, wood with a metal container inset.  I find this particular container beautiful because of its imperfections.... lacquered pieces fell off overtime due to usage and/or crack of the wooden container.  I now use it as a flower pot.  I find this combination can easily go with a traditional interior as well as something super modern.  It has a nice zen quality to it.  These wooden hibachis can be found in your local antique stores or on Ebay.  They can run from low $40s to high three figure.   

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