Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's


Who can forget about Audrey Hepburn's iconic role as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's?  Whenever I see the little blue box with white ribbon, I can't help but hear Moon River in my head while imagining Audrey Heptburn looking at Tiffany's display window on Fifth Avenue.  To celebrate its 175 year anniversary, Tiffany opened another store in Manhattan.  This time, the location is in Soho.  While this retail outlet doesn't look nearly as grand as the one on 5th Avenue, it's interior decoration is every bit as exquisite.

My favorite room of this newly opened store is the fashion jewelry salon.  I especially like the floor to ceiling bookcase filled with books about Tiffany's history, fashion, culture, and architecture of New York city.  It also displayed original prototypes of its products as well as sketches, and tools.  While typically an aqua colored sofa is very hard to pull off, in this space, it looks absolutely perfect.  Photograph by Michael Weschier.

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