Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Fashion Sales

I normally don't publish two blogs in one day but today is a special day: black Friday!!

I think the economy is getting better and top department stores know it.  That's why if you check on Saks, Neiman, Barney's websites, all the top brands (Balmain, Lanvin, Moncler, etc.) for this fall/winter 2012/13 season had not gone on sale yet.  But fear not because I have browse through various websites and found you places where top designers have already gone on sale (30-50% off).  Do follow me on twitter as I will tweet the website address as goodies go on sale.



This famous Parisian store is having 50% off sale on most of the top brands today ONLY (most likely Paris time).  Even with $30 international shipping cost, you are likely to save more than wait for Neiman Marcus to go on sale (which is typically 33% off for the first call).  Please note you will save money on the VAT but often when the item comes into US, you will be charge import tax which negates any savings you got from VAT.  Although sometimes I found shoes don't get tax.  I'm not sure why.


This Canadian boutique is putting just about everything on sale at 20-30% off.  Free shipping too.  So for those of you looking for a puffy Moncler winter coat, you can get your discount now instead of waiting till the bitter end before places like Barney's New York or Saks FINALLY put them on sale in January.

Aloha Rag

This Hawaiian company (they also have a store in NYC) slashes most of its stuff up to 40% off already.  You are not going to find Ann Demeulemeester or Balmain for the current season at 40% off right now in any US store besides Aloha Rag.

Again, don't forget to follow me on twitter.  I'll tweet the sales from my account from now on as it's much faster to tweet than to blog the info.  :-)

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