Monday, November 26, 2012

Peter Norton Family Christmas Project

Well, as Christmas gets closer and closer, it's always daunting to find that perfect gift.  It's even more daunting if your love one has everything he/she wants.  So what to give to this person?

I think one of the best gift one can give another person is art.  I love art.  I think a good art will transform you; it has the quality to change you.  By that I mean it may make you think (Barbara Kruger; your comfort is my silence), it may make you nostalgic (Wayne Thiebaud; gumball machine), it may make you very uncomfortable (Chris Ofili; black madonna), etc.  The bottom line is a good art will evoke a dialogue between you and the piece, you and someone else, or you within yourself.

A good starting point is left over pieces from Peter Norton Family Christmas Project that was donated by the foundation to MOMA to support PS1.  PS1, on Long Island,  is basically an exhibition space devotes its energy and resources to displaying the most experimental art in the world.  It also hosts YAP(Young Architect Program) each summer where emerging architects compete to do an installation in PS1's courtyard.

One of the piece from the project I have already blogged so I won't go into it.  You can read it here.   The piece (that is available for purchase) I like the best is Untitled (Rainbow) by Peter Coffin.  This is what MOMA said in the description of this art piece:

For this project, Coffin presents a seemingly ordinary photo album, which, when opened, expands into a constellation of found photographs linked by the image of a rainbow that spirals through each scene. In the spirit of iconic works by Robert Smithson, Vladimir Tatlin, Bruce Nauman, and Mario Merz, the spiral is a link to an infinity beyond our reach and serves as a symbol of the creative process.

All the available pieces can be found on MOMA's own website. Prices range from $50-$750 for none members and MOMA members get 20% off.


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