Friday, November 16, 2012

Martin Margiela for H&M in person

Well, I made it to H&M to see the fuss!  LOL.  Most of men's sports jackets were 44s.  A bit too big for me. I did finally find couple size 40s in camel and in navy blue color.  They are nice.  Fit like a "real" Margiela that I tried on few month ago from Mr. Porter.  I would have liked to get the gray ones; they feel a bit thicker....  Oh well.  These sports coats are made in Romania. The white painted jeans were selling like hotcakes.  All that were left were the 29s and 30s which is too small for me.  I didn't check the red ones because I can't see myself wearing that color much.  The reversible coat was interesting.  The suede part of the shearling coat was actually good quality.  But the shearling part just keeps on shedding.  It got all over the other Margiela sports jacket I was trying on.   The coat is fairly hefty.  I tried on the small because they had either large or small and large was too big.  Small fit fine if I wore a t-shirt underneath.  I like the coat but San Francisco is usually not cold enough to warrant such a thick one.  If I get it, it'll ended up sitting in my closet collect dust.  I did turn it inside out and it's fine the other way around if you remove the Margiela tag, resew the buttons to outside, and if you don't mind no exterior pockets.  The high top sneakers were also a hit.  By the time I got in, the red color ones were MIA.  I did get a pair of white ones in my size which I was happy with.  They had tons of fanny pack and guitar bag.  Not sure if those will fly since they are not super cheap and very specific.  I did get a faceless watch bracelet.  I'll probably return it later.  The hangers were quite nice; they were made with real wood.  Because of San Francisco ordinance, they charged me ten cents for every bag I got from H&M including dust jacket for the camel sports coat.  Lame!  Did you get everything you wanted?

Here's a quick update on the H&M Margiela collection.  I went back today.  The place where they held all Margiela stuff have been taken down.  The ladies' stuff were relegated near the escalator and men's stuff were on the right side of the entrance.   I was curious if men's stuff went on sale (as I've read that ladies stuff went on sale last night).  I wasn't disappointed, I spotted the shearling coat for $199.  Apparently SF H&M decided to go half off on the coat before a week is up.  Feel bad for the people who purchased it at full price but lucky me!  Now I have a nice suede shearling coat for a little over $200.  A very good price if you ask me.  Other Margiela stuff for men were not on sale.  One of the sales told me the large fanny pack is on sale.  I didn't bother to look for them since I wasn't a fan of them in the first place.  Later, I read online that some of the shoes also went on sale.  I got my high tops and since they are all sold out everywhere, I doubt those were the men's shoes that went on sale.  There were few more items for the ladies that went on sale.  Black and Blue colorwave horizontal dress went on sale.  They were marked down from $199 to $99.  The suede jacket was marked down to $149 from $299.  The brown upside down leather bag was marked down from $299 to $149.  Apparently the car seat leather dress was marked down from $349 to $49!!!  But I didn't see any in person.  Currently not all stores that carry Margiela for H&M went on sale... only selected few and within those selected few, seems like the exact same item went on sale for the exact same price.

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