Thursday, November 15, 2012

Raffling soon.....Richart's Micromacs

One of the shop I missed the most in San Francisco is Richart.  They used to in the Union Square district, the main shopping district in San Francisco.  I guess maybe they didn't do so well or perhaps landlord increased the rent so much that they decided to close the store down few years ago.  Ever since, one can only get their goods through online.  It's really such a shame because aesthetically speaking, Richart has one of the best presentation for chocolate truffles.  I just love the smallness of the size.  I call each piece a perfect bite.  In terms of taste, this chocolatier gives you seven sophisticated varieties...balsam, roasted, fruity, citrus, floral, spicy, and herbal.

Richart was created in 1925 in Lyon, France, by Maitre Chocolatier Joseph Richart.  The company today is managed by the 3rd generation of the Richart family.  They continue to produce innovative exciting products.  One of the latest offering is micromacs.  It's basically petite macaroons.  The flavors available are: Raspberry / Blackberry, Salted Butter Caramel, Vanilla from Madagascar, Blackcurrant, 82% cocoa from the Dominican Republic, 82% cocoa from Madagascar, Pistachio, Apricot / Almond, Mango / Passion Fruit, Roasted Hazelnut, Roasted Almond, Milk Chocolate, Blood Orange / Lemon, Grapefruit / Rose, and Almond / Arabica Coffee.  They can be purchased here.

Or I will be raffling off a box of Richart's micromacs when the member count for this website reaches 50!  We are almost there!  Please have your friends and family sign up because you know you want to try a box of free micromacs!!!  :-)

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