Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Las Vegas

Are you not a fan of going through casino, retail stores, restaurants, etc etc before you reach an elevator to go upstairs to your room when you are in Las Vegas?  Do you want a hotel in a central location while still feel like it's away from the masses?  Are you one of those people who wants topnotch services while staffs are discrete and invisible at the same time?  Well, if all of those are important to you when you go to Las Vegas, then I would highly recommend you to stay at Mandarin Oriental Hotel at the City Center development.

Before Mandarin Oriental Hotel arrived in Las Vegas, the best service in town was Four Seasons Hotel.  But it's soooo remote from everything.  Now you don't have to be so far away from the action anymore.  The best shopping center, arguably, is right next door at the Crystal.  There you will find a multistory Louis Vuitton, multistory Prada, Marni, Lanvin, etc. etc.  The list just goes on and on.  If you want to party hard, you are right next to the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  If you are looking to gamble, you are in a walking distance to Aria Hotel.  You want afternoon tea?  The best one in town is in Mandarin Oriental Hotel!

The check in counter is actually high up in the building so when you walk in, you have to take an elevator that goes directly to the sky lobby at 23rd floor.  This is where you take a different elevator to your hotel room.  It's a brilliant design because this way it keeps out none hotel guests.  There is also an area next to the check in counter where you can have your sumptuous afternoon tea.  In addition, on this floor you will also find their restaurant Twist, opened by Pierre Gagnaire who operates his name sake 3 Michelin stars restaurant in Paris.

The rooms are also quite nicely appointed.  The standard rooms are definitely not the biggest ones on the block but the amenities more than make up for it.  Bathrooms are quite large and there are ample closet space to hang all your belongings.  Outside of each room, there is a butler door where they can leave food inside without coming into the guest room.  I really like it because it gives you a lot of privacy... although if you are ordering four course meal, they will have to wheel a table in.  The only gripe I have of the room is the toilet room door.  It's not completely opaque.  I'm just not a fan of that.... there is nothing sexy about hearing/seeing another person using a toilet.  Luckily you have a sliding door for the bathroom that can act as a second barrier... unless you are in a suite....

All in all, it's a really nice hotel.  Very quiet and feels like an oasis among the madness of Las Vegas.  I would highly recommend people to stay there who wants great discrete services.

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