Saturday, November 17, 2012

Luxury bed linen from Frette

I'm a big fan of sleeping on great looking soft sheets.  One of my favorite brand is Frette.  Truth of the matter is once you slept on a Frette sheet (the real ones not the cheaper hotel version), you'll never go back to your other sheets again (unless it's Pratesi.  But that's another post!  LOL.)  The sheets are just so soft and luxurious!  I can lay in them all day long.

Frette, an Italian textile company that was established in 1860, was founded in Grenoble, France.  This luxury linen company relocated to Concorezzo, Italy in 1865 and then to Monza, Italy.  Today, it not only sell to retail consumers, but it also provide sheets for top hotels such as Hotel George V in Paris, Savoy Hotel in London, Plaza hotel in New York, and the Peninsula in Hong Kong, etc.

One of my favorite classic line from Frette is Bicolore.  It's just a nice and simple design.  Lots of color combinations to choose from. Currently they are on sale at 40% off.  Nothing is better than buying luxury bedsheets at a good discount!


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