Sunday, October 28, 2012

Buddha Bar Hotel Prague

If you like an over the top designed hotel, then you have to go stay at the Buddha Bar Hotel in Prague!  It really is one of the best theme designed hotel I have ever seen and the origin of the hotel is actually quite interesting. 

Does the term Buddha Bar sound familiar to you?  Well, because it is a suite of CDs (you know the thing that existed before ipod and cloud storage) that was played in lounges all over.  Basically this guy name Claude Challe, a DJ and club owner, from Tunisia travelled to India, Nepal, and Indonesia.  He got inspired by the exotic sound of these places and incorporated them into the clubs he owned.  One of them is Buddha Bar in Paris.  Eventually in 1999, he produced the first of the Buddha Bar compilations and currently the compilation is up to number 14!!!

So Buddha Bar Hotel is actually an offshoot of a CD compilation (as weird as that sound)!  Currently there are two Buddha Bar hotels in existence; one in Prague and the other one in Budapest.  So what's so special about the Buddha Bar Hotel in Prague?  You want rain shower in your bathroom?  Checked.  You want a separate gadget toilet (the one that squirt water to clean you and dry you with warm heat) room with a sink from your bathroom.  Done.  Too lazy to manually open curtains in your room?  No problem.  They have a remote control for that.  You want the coolest looking sound system in your room so you can listen to Buddha Bar music!  Would Bang & Olufsen surround sound system be acceptable?  The list of amenities goes on and on.  And the best thing is the price!  With all these stuff, you expect to pay $500-$1000 a night!  Actually you can get a room for less than 200 euro per night.  That's like $260 per night.  You certainly will not find anything comparable to this in NYC or SF for this kind of price!!!   

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