Thursday, October 25, 2012

Margiela for H&M

I actually don't have many Margiela pieces myself.  To be precise, I only have a pair of shoes from Margiela.  There are other brands out there that are more of my style but I have always respected Martin's visions; it's art for art's sakes.  I think his clothes is kinda like architects building their signature style buildings.... it's a selfish act... whether or not the clothes/building is suitable for the masses isn't really fashion designer's/ architect's problem.  Sometimes the vision is successful (Frank Gehry's Bilbao), and sometimes it's a failure (how do you view paintings properly at FLW's Guggenheim museum in NYC?).  But either way, I always appreciate an artist who can take me out of my comfort zone.

Here's my take on Margiela's H&M... his exercise of mixing unstructured clothing with structured ones.  Sometimes the pieces look unstructured and unruly, but looking at it carefully and it's well structured.  It's this constant dichotomy that his fan keeps coming back.

Here's my take on what I think looks hot/wearable

ok. The darted sweater ($129) perhaps not that wearable but I love the construction (or in this case deconstruction) of it.  It feels like a piece that belongs in a museum.  The hobo/ kimono looking skirt should be an easy piece to incorporate into a lady's wardrobe and price is relatively low within this collection.  The black jacket looks really sharp.  Great for going to an interview or having a power lunch/ dinner.  At $99, it's a bargain.  The long organza looking dress, again, is a very easy dress to mix and match.  The sheen on the fabric makes it feel a lot more expensive than $99 price point.

Well, I'm not sure if both jackets have the exact same cut, the camel color one looks a bit boxier.  I have tried on Margiela sports coats before.  They are sharp looking.  At $129 and $149, I may have to pick up both....  The shearling coat ($399) looks like the ones you see from Burberry Prorsum winter collection from the past few seasons.  I'm sure it's not shearling but cotton....I'm curious as to what it looks like in person.  Most likely I won't get this unless it's made of real shearling.

I love the candy wrapper clutch!  It looks like a lot of fun and at $59.95, you can't go wrong!  You ladies should definitely get it!  The disco scarf for men feels it should be in the lady's category.  Not too many men can pull that off besides Michael Jackson.  The glove clutch is also a lot of fun.  I love the humor.

Ladies wedges are just so fantastic.  I think the burgundy colored boots are just out of this world.  My understanding is that they are pricey.  Definitely pick a pair up if they go on sale.  I just LOVE men's hightops in this collection.  Both burgundy and white color are standouts for me and at $129 per pair, that's not too bad.  Can't wait to get my hands on them!



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