Sunday, October 14, 2012

Floor Mobile Chandelier 5

Need a perfect floor lamp?  Look no further.  Floor Mobile Chandelier 5 by Michael Anastassiades is just that.  Made of black patinated brass and mouth blown glass, this floor light reminds me of a comet; streaking across vast sky.

Native Cypriot, Michael believes in "An object stripped down to the bare essentials is the ultimate expression of beauty."  As if his design needs a stamp of approval, he has also exhibited at Museum of Modern Art and Victoria & Albert Museum.  You can't get any more prestigious than that!  He recently opened a retail store in Waterloo of London.  He also has few things on his online store.   

This floor lamp is perfect for a minimalist interior.  I can see this light next to a Minotti sofa situated in a 19th century Parisian pied-a-terre condo with white lacquered boiserie wall. Perfection.

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