Saturday, October 6, 2012

Maxxi Museum

I have been a fan of Zaha Hadid for the longest time.  So when I went to Rome couple years ago, I made sure I went to the Maxxi!  I got there on a Monday and the museum had only been operational for a few days....I was rather worried that it would be mobbed with architectural students and Zahad fanboys/girls.  While it wasn't cricket sound, there were a lot less people than I anticipated. 

The building is located in the Flaminio neighborhood of Rome; far away from the touristy stuff which is good or bad depending on one's perspective.  The museum hosts a modern art collection; kinda like MOMA in NYC except the art holding isn't really on par with MOMA.  But then again, which museum is?  It also has an area that is specifically for architecture (kinda like MOMA too!  LOL). 

The museum itself is quite interesting in terms of layout and space allocation.  Atrium part of the museum had tons of black stair circulation space; very reminiscent of Zaha's earlier drawings (when she was a paper architect).  In fact, not only the circulation space feels like her drawings, but from ceiling to gallery space allocation is also a translation of her oblong tubes intersecting with each other.  Not the easiest thing to pull off.  Much congrats to her amazing effort.

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